Tuesday, December 15, 2015

25 during 25 Update | | September - November Update

Ok so lately the blog has been all about baby bumps and nursery plans, but I figured that with my 26th birthday quickly approaching I should check in on this list and see where I'm at.  So without dragging this along any further, lets see how many things I need to do in the next two months! 

  1. Run a 10k - DONE! 
  2. Do a blog give-a-way
  3. Write a guest post - YES!! Read more about Hannah and Cy Sneed right here! (Since this post, Cy and Hannah have started their next adventure in Florida at the High A level!)
  4. Shoot a gun DONE! Over Thanksgiving, all the guys had their guns ready for hunting season, so we were able to test them out! I shot a hand gun and another gun, I'm not sure what it was called!! 
  5. Go on a spontaneous trip  
  6. See sunsets in 10 different cities - Athens, GA from inside Sanford Stadium |  Lynchburg, VA from the skyboxes at City Stadium | Myrtle Beach, SC from TicketReturn.com Field | Salem, VA | 
  7. Do a girls weekend trip
  8. Have a house party - hosting our annual Holiday Party on the 19th, so this should be checked off! 
  9. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanit
  10. Buy a camera and learn how to use it
  11. Go to a new state - Got a few new states in this past year - officially made at rip to Maryland.  Added Nevanda and Connecticut as well! 
  12. Host a shower for someone  Loved being able to shower one of my best friends! Hope more showers happen in the future - wedding or baby!
  13. Run a 5k in every month of the year, at least 5 of them being a race - runs- Jan | Feb | Mar | April | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov  Guess you can tell what I haven't been doing while pregnant!!! 
  14. Buy a new computer
  15. Write 5 thank you letters to companies that I use their products
  16. Cash in a whole milk jar of coins to savings - jar is getting nice and juicy!
  17. Tip 100% of my bill - DONE! Zinburger in Charlottesville, VA
  18. Become CPR certified
  19. Learn how to drive stick shift
  20. Go to an NFL game - probably not going to happen. 
  21. Do a 7-day smartphone detox - Planning on doing this the week of December 28- Jan 3! 
  22. Mail care packages to each of my siblings
  23. Send my nana flowers out of the blue. 
  24. Take professional photographs with D.J. and Stryker - scheduled for Febuary with the beautiful and talented maternity photographer we have chosen!
  25. Save $20 for every one of these that I complete - $140 in the milk jar with coins. 
So not too terrible, but I need to get a few more planned out before January 14th rolls around!


  1. You're making progress! Keep at it.

  2. Too bad we don't live in the same place, I'd totally teach you how to drive stick!


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