Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blogging Made Easier

There are many reasons why I sometimes don't get around to blogging.  No blog ideas, TV shows ( I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I do love a good episode of Grey's Anatomy on #TGIT), whatever it may be, there always seems to be an excuse.  BUT - my biggest excuse is that my computer is coming up on 7 years old. That's right. I got my first and only computer summer going into my freshman year at JMU and it has been great for me. With the ever changing technology, it was way beyond outdated.  I couldn't even add new music because iTunes wold not download to the outdated operating system.  Uploading pictures to blog posts took over five minutes, browsers took forever to load, blah blah blah.  EXCUSES, but real excused.  

So...after debating it for about two months, I finally bit the bullet and made my big girl purchase of a new Macbook!!!!! 

I am so excited for what this new computer is going to allow me to do with the blog and life in general.  I love starting from fresh and there is nothing better than a blank slate on your computer! 


  1. I had my old laptop for 8 years and it was the cheapeast one available at the time I got it. It worked great for many year but it got so slow: Turning it on and sending an e-mail would take 30 minutes. No jokes. Anyway, I'm sure you will love your new computer as much as I love mine :)

  2. We need a new laptop right now! We have had ours for about 5 years and it has seen better days. We are debating on getting some sort of MacBook.

  3. It's increasingly difficult to keep our personal devices up to the changing pace of technology. That you were able to keep your machine working and running for almost seven years is quite admirable. Sometimes to avoid the hassle (to say nothing of the cost) I try to take my computer in to an expert computer repair shop for an upgrade.

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