Monday, February 29, 2016

Harrison's Last Baby Shower

Something about the last baby shower makes it all seem so real! With less than a month till baby boy is due to make his arrival, we celebrated one more time with some of my longest friends and their sweet mamas.

One of my besties, Ryan and her mom hosted the shower at their house with the help of Lisa, another sweet friend's mom who was so sweet to host with them! When I got there, they showed me the spot they wanted me to sit with the most adorable pillow ever.  It's already sitting in his crib looking like a good decoration till he actually gets in there!

The decorations were stunning.  Lots of orange and team pops and the table had the cutest train track that Ryan's mom already had!

How cute are these train/car theme cupcakes?! Not to mention how delicious they were. 

Ok, I haven't been to a lot of baby showers or anything, but this game has got to be the most hilarious thing EVER.  It was supposed to be who Harrison is going to look like, but I think it brought so much more laughter than truth - hopefully! Ryan took a bunch of pictures of our family members and cut them up - head, eyes, and chin.  Putting the combinations together was hilarious and had us all laughing for a while.  My mom even mentioned that we should tape together some of the combs and use them as a focal point during delivery!!!

Harrison is so loved - I know I've said it 100 times, but it was evident again this weekend with all the sweet gifts we got.  Curtains, quilt, baby essentials, some clothes, rubber ducky bath tub and the most perfect baby book!

Some of the besties couldn't make it, but these ladies have been a huge part of my life for such a long time! Dating all the way back to pre-k!

 And the sweetest hosts possible! Julie, Lisa and Ryan - thank you all again so much for showering baby Harrison! Let the countdown begin!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baby Brown: Week 35

How far along: 35 weeks - the picture above was from 1997 when I thought being that big would be fun. Little did I know...

Due date: March 27, 2016 - made it past the first day that someone said I would have this baby!

Baby Size: bunch of carrots?! Feels more like a watermelon already.  

Weight gain: At this point, what's one more pound here or there?! 

Maternity Clothes: no doubt about that.

Stretch Marks: nope, but I have no idea how.

Sleep: oh gosh. I'm at the point where according to everyone "my body is preparing itself to be up all night" by having to pee every 2 hours. Getting comfortable is impossible and trying to get out of the bed is like running a marathon.

Gender: BOY!!! 

Name:  Harrison Cole Brown !

Movement: Feeling a little pressure with the movements now.  Seems like however he moves, it presses on my bladder so that's no fun.  As much as I can't wait for him to be in the real world, I'm going to miss these kicks and movements.

Best moment this week: CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT.  OMG y'all - if you have never seen her in concert, it's worth every penny. Although I was extremely uncomfortable and cried on the way home because of how terrible I felt, I'd do it all over again. Also finally got the shelves built in his nursery closet and now my dad is on a "nesting" kick and I'm not complaining!

Looking forward to: Spring Break.  Even if I'm not going to AZ, having a week at home to do nothing but nest and get ready for baby Harrison is going to be great. 

Husband is: doing everything possible to make me feel as comfortable as possible. He helps me up in the middle of the night, drives me to work, picks me up when I need it, massages me whenever I ask, and is getting all packed up for Spring Training :( Once he leaves, I could have this baby at any time. So our plan to get him home has been in the talks, but is so hard to actually figure out how it's going to happen till it's time!

Cravings: nothing new.  Actually loosing my appetite a lot easier now.  My stomach must be getting extremely small.

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.

Labor Signs: not officially, but for sure starting to feel Braxton Hicks.  Belly gets super tight and I have had a few back pains - not sure if those are part of the Braxton Hicks or just back pain from the pregnancy. 

Missing Most: nothing.  I have loved being pregnant and will be sad when it's over! 

Symptoms: symptoms of the vagal episodes, the "waddle", some back pain, and holy tiredness.  

Nursery: hoping to have a nursery reveal post next week! Only have two more things to do!

Belly Button in or out? still an innie, but sometimes it goes flat and sometimes it pops a bit! Just depends on the day!

Wedding rings on or off? on for now.  Sometimes I've been just wearing my band which is fine by me! 

Mood: feeling so excited/nervous/anxious for baby Brown to be here!!! 

Workouts: nope

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baby Brown: Week 34

How far along: 34 weeks

Due date: March 27, 2016 - according to the work bets, the first colleague has me going on Feb 21!! Not sure that's going to happen! 

Baby Size: according to the app, a head of cabbage!  After my 34 week appointment this morning, the doctor measured my belly at 36 cm, so she wants to do an ultrasound next time!! 

Weight gain: Didn't gain any weight at the doctors this time. Staying steady at 170.

Maternity Clothes: yep, and everything that is D.J.'s that I can fit in! 

Stretch Marks: nope.

Sleep: sleeping well still - just getting up 4-5x a night to pee.  Yes, I've heard it already - just my body preparing me for those middle of the night feedings!

Gender: BOY!!! 

Name:  Harrison Cole Brown !

Movement: Still having good movements.  Lots of rolls and jabs.  It's crazy how I can feel him at the top and bottom of my belly at the same time. 

Best moment this week: finally getting the nursery a little more organized. Just have a few more things to do in there before I feel like it is ready for a grand reveal! My 34 week appointment this morning was pretty awesome too.  I just love being able to hear the heart beat going strong at 147 and know that in a few short weeks, this baby is going to be here. 

Looking forward to: Carrie Underwood concert this weekend! Crazy to think that I will be 35 weeks pregnant trying to go to a concert! Other than that, I'm looking forward to scheduling the cleaning lady to come again before Harrison makes his arrival.  Also to use my car detailing ASAP so I can get the car seat put in - you never know when baby will be here! And plus - I want to get all this done before D.J. leaves for Spring Training. 

Husband is: excited that we get to see our baby one more time on the inside.  He only have two more weeks of work before he gears us for Spring Training! The last week he is home I hope to have him finish up any last minute "around the house" tasks that I won't be able to do.  Baby Harrison is also already taking after his daddy.  I found a picture of D.J. as a baby and compared it to the ultrasound we had at 24 weeks.  Look at that nose and those lips!!! 

Cravings: nothing out of the norm.  Our school got a new ice machine this year with PELLET ICE and I'm OBSESSED! I have at leave three full glasses of ice to chew on every day! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.

Labor Signs: nope. 

Missing Most: not having a belly the size of a basketball.

Symptoms: Still experiencing some of the vagal episodes, but for the most part I have been able to control the symptoms and avoid the episodes.  I've started to have some of the sciatica nerve pain down by butt and into the thigh area.  Ankles aren't swollen, but walking around on them is getting harder. 30+ extra pounds on ankles that aren't used to it is hard! I don't want to say this, but I am starting to be at the "I'm over it" point.  I'm ready  for him to be here and for us to start life on the outside together! 

Nursery: so excited about the way the nursery is coming together.  Still need to do a few more things, but overall it's almost done!!

Belly Button in or out? still an innie, but sometimes it goes flat and sometimes it pops a bit! Just depends on the day!

Wedding rings on or off? on for now, but not promising they will make it all the way. 

Mood: hoping this little man doesn't decide to come too early, but ready for him to be on the outside! 

Workouts: nope

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend of Cheer

This was such an exciting weekend! On Thursday afternoon, my sweet co-workers threw an amazing shower for me and baby Harrison.  It was so thoughtful of them and we got some of the sweetest outfits, blankets and a huge essential - the next car seat size up and an extra base for the carrier!  The decor and food were delicious and I am so thankful for amazing co-workers that love baby Harrison so much already! It was nothing short of perfection!

The sweet hostess with her cute little baby bump! Thank you, Kate!! PS - there are no other pictures of me being posted because I obviously haven't mastered the "look cute and take candid photos" look yet.  Maybe by the last baby shower I will have it down.

Friday afternoon we got off at 1 p.m. because of impending weather and I was a little stressed out.  Three weeks ago we had a very similar Friday.  It was the day before our cheerleading competition and practice got cancelled.  Well the competition ended up being cancelled that weekend, but this weekend the show must go on! Our practice was cancelled and I was super nervous for the team.  Since the last competition weekend, we had two cheerleaders who were not able to make the competition this weekend.  We taught the routine to two new people and I felt like one more practice could have done us well.  

The school has not had a competition cheering team since 2010 and I was so impressed by the work this team put in over the past two seasons to be where they are today.  The competition may not have been their best routine they have ever put on the mat, but they gave it their all and performed to the best of their ability.  They went up against teams that cheer much longer seasons then them, practice much longer hours and have much more experience than them.  95% of our team has never taken the mat before this weekend.  Overall the place that they got does not matter in my eyes.  What matters is that they had fun. improved since last year, and are ready to take their cheering commitment to the next level next season! 

They have made me such a proud coach and to know that I (along with the help of many others!) am helping revive the cheering program at my alma mater is very rewarding.  Looking back at the competition I competed it, I love being able to feel the excitement I once felt through my team as a coach.  It's a very completely different feeling of nerves, but I have learned a lot this season.  Ladies (and my two gentleman that were a very big component to our team),  thank you for being the team you are! 

And that, blog readers, is the look of one happy coach! 

The rest of our Saturday was very busy.  We set up my Nana's Apple TV, organized the baby clothes, took down the Christmas lights (don't judge), and then went to see 13 hours.  Phew - I'm exhausted thinking about our busy day.

Sunday was low key.  D.J. and I celebrated Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie on Friday, so Sunday we just relaxed and my parents house before celebrating my aunts birthday in the afternoon followed by a game of cards. 

After a busy weekend. I am glad to have today off to recover.  I'm trying to get a few more things from Target/TJMAXX for the nursery and then I think we should be good to go in that room! Crazy to think we only have 6 weeks left until Harrison's due date! 

Hope you all have a fabulous President's Day! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

#baseballwifelife: A Season Unlike Any Others

It is very hard to believe that a short 30-something weeks ago the off season started.  I was just announcing the pregnancy and we were in full bliss of enjoying being in the same house for more than a week at a time.

30-something weeks sure does go by fast when you think of it in terms of off season vs in season.  But in the same breath, it feels like I have been pregnant forever! The day we found out seems like so long ago it's hard to believe the time has come for D.J. to begin his fourth Spring Training with the Indians! Plane ticket is booked, living arrangements are planned and the only thing left to do is pack the bags. Except D.J. will be the only one packing a bag.  Although I am having serious jealousy issues with not being able to go to Arizona this year, I know that flying at 37 weeks pregnant is a miserable idea and my doctors would probably burn my files. So nesting it is for me...and lots of Facetime dates with all our friends out there.

This season will be unlike any season before.  Like I said, D.J. will leave for Spring Training when I am 37 weeks pregnant.  The point of no return.  Any labor signs after 37 weeks, and this little boy is coming.  Am I nervous for the labor? Not yet.  I supposed I may get nervous as the days get closer, but what I am more concerned about is getting D.J. home in time.  The coaches all know that we are expecting and I will be extremely pregnant during ST, but getting the word to them, getting to the airport, buying a plane ticket, getting all the way back across the United States - that's no easy task.  And who really knows how long he will be able to be home after the birth.  It all depends on when baby decides to come. Anytime before his  due date could limit the time D.J. has at home.  But right at the due date or a few days late could mean a few extra days for daddy to be home.

Last season was amazing.  I visited on weekends, worked remotely for 8 weeks to be with D.J. and was able to connect with so many baseball ladies throughout the season.  A baby adds a whole other element to the ballgame.  The plan is that I will spend as much time on my maternity leave wherever D.J. is.  I want Harrison to be able to see his daddy and spend time with him.  Once I go back to work though, the trips will be much harder since the team D.J. is hoping to start with will be about 8 hours away. That many hours for a weekend trip with a newborn sounds like a daunting task.

All I know is that this baseball season will be unlike any others.  I am so thankful there have been people that have gone before me in this venture and would love to hear any advice you baseball mamas have on traveling with infants, taking them to games, schedules, etc.

Here's to the 2016 baseball season - our 4th full season is almost underway!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baby Brown: Week 32 and 33

How far along: 33 weeks

Due date: March 27, 2016, but everyone has bets going that I'm not making it that far.

Baby Size: according to the app, Harrison is the size of a cauliflower blossom.  Feels like the size of a basketball though.  17-19 inches long and between 4-6 pounds.  Obviously at this point, all babies are different.  I'd be very curious to see a growth ultrasound since he was measuring big at 24 weeks. 

Weight gain: Feeling pretty large and in charge, but trying to embrace the bump and not bump into people or things.  

Maternity Clothes: is this serious anymore? Some of these clothes are starting to not even fit comfortably.

Stretch Marks: none that I can see, but I can't see much.

Sleep: surprisingly, other than waking up 4-5x per night to give my bladder a 30 second break from the pressure Harrison is putting on it, sleep has been decent.  Getting up in the morning is still hard (physically), but I've managed to figure out what is most comfortable.

Gender: BOY!!! 

Name:  Harrison Cole Brown !

Movement: A totally different movement than it was even just a month ago.  The space he is occupying can't get much bigger, so his movements have become more drastic and sharp than the cute little kicks when they first started happening.  I still love it every time he moves and I know I am going to miss that feeling when he makes his arrival. 

Best moment this week: all the hand-me-down clothes that my sister-in-law gave us this past weekend.  It's taking me some time to sort and go through them, but in the end it will so be worth it! 

Looking forward to: my work baby shower tomorrow and getting some relaxation in over the weekend.  And of course putting in some more work on the nursery! 

Husband is: amazing.  Since I've been having these vagal episodes, he has been driving me to work every day, helping me in and out of the bed so I don't get light headed, and keeps a close eye on me so I don't have any symptoms! 

Cravings: still loving the smell of cleaning - maybe a sign of nesting?! Not quite sure, but can't get enough of a fresh smelling house.  Time to invest in some "fresh laundry" candle scents! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.

Labor Signs: nothing yet, but maybe experiencing some Braxton Hicks, who knows.  

Missing Most: being able to go at a pace that I am used to - which is fast. 

Symptoms: Well, over the past two weeks, I have been experiencing vagal episodes.  After a trip to the ER, OB and Cardiologist, I finally feel like I know when the symptoms are coming on and know how to handle them. Light headdedness, hard to breathe, high and low BP - all symptoms of 3rd trimester vagal episodes.  But other than that, I've been doing good. Just a little wobble here and there, uncomfortable bras, and a giant belly pulling at every inch of my skin, but you know, I'm fine :) 

Nursery: to do: shelves in closet/organize closet - find drawer organizers that fit into the shallow dresser drawers I have - install video monitor - fill picture frames with maternity photos - sort through baby clothes - install curtain rod ......etc. etc. etc.  We still have some things to do in his nursery, but if he was to come right now, we would be just fine!

Belly Button in or out? honestly, it depends on the day - sometimes its an innnie all the way, other times its a floutie, and other times its an outie! 

Wedding rings on or off? on and still going strong! 

Mood: cannot wait to meet little baby Harrison!!!

Workouts: my workouts consist of constantly working, coaching cheerleading and walking around the house. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Life Lately - Pregnancy, Work and Countdowns

Wow, what a couple weeks it has been.  I'm sorry for the lack of updating and all the baby posts, but honestly thats all my life consists of these days.  Pregnancy and working.  And nesting, of course. Since the last time I blogged, we have been super busy.  Here's whats been going on...

Basketball and Cheering:
Between my varsity cheering team and D.J.'s JV basketball team, we have been to 10 basketball games.  Our school's varsity boys' team is killing it right now. They have taken down the #1 ranked team twice and had big wins against two highly seeded conference teams.  The basketball season runs through the end of the February and this is a big week for the cheerleaders.  We have been working all season for the competition this weekend and I am so excited for the team to take the mat.  We have had a few set backs with the rescheduled date due to the snow.  Our only senior, James, had to remove himself from the competition due to other commitments this weekend and one of our other girls sprained her elbow.  So we have been teaching a JV cheerleader the entire routine to take the sprained elbow spot and a sophomore boy who is the most amazing kid ever how to cheer.  It is very hard to teach a baseball/basketball player how to cheer.  It's more than just muscle, but he is doing GREAT! I will update you all next week with how the competition goes!

Baby boy is still growing and making me extremely large and in charge.  Since the last post I had my 31 week check up and heartbeat was a strong 145.  Belly is measuring right on track and I loved the doctor I saw.  She was very thorough and I felt very comfortable asking her questions.  Which was good, because I had lots of things to talk to her about.  Over the last two weeks I have been experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy I wasn't expecting.  Hard to catch my breath, light headedness, fast heart rate, abnormally high and low BP - almost like a blackout or fainting spell.  So after talking to my OB about it, who wasn't too concerned - she said all that is very common in your last trimester - I had the symptoms more frequently and enough to concern the OB when I called again.  Per their instructions, the next time it happened I was to report to the ER and they were going to set me up with a cardiologist just to check on my heart.  I spent all of the day Wednesday in the ER doing what seems like every test possible.  Blood work, EKG, CAT scan, and constant monitoring of my BP and heart rate - I had the workup.  This was only my second time ever going to the ER, so I was a little overwhelmed with all the "necessary" tests they needed to run.  I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.  Thankfully, everything came back good.  Blood work showed a little dehydration and anemic, but they were not too concerned since all pregnant people show signs of both.  After three hours at the ER, we headed out to our scheduled cardiologist appointment, where we saw an amazing doctor.  He was very confident without being arrogant and very thorough without being long-winded.  He explained everything to us in simple terms and was confident that what I am experience is called a vagal episode. They come on fast with all the symptoms I presented to him and he gave me some great tools to use to avoid and prevent them.  However, they will still continue to happen.  I just have to learn that when the symptoms start to happen, I need to take them seriously and get horizontal ASAP.   He also strongly advised no driving, so the hubs and mom have both been amazing at making sure I get everywhere I need to be.  What I've learned from this is that I need to take my time more.  Go slower.  Pace myself.  I can still do everything I want to do, I just need to go at a speed that is more capable for my body to keep up with! Other than that, nesting has been in full force.  Just trying to get the nursery together, clothes organized and all the hospital bags packed in case of an early delivery!

We also took maternity photos last weekend and have seen a few previews, but cannot WAIT to get the entire file back! Chelsea, our photographer was amazing.  She really knows how to capture a beautiful photo behind the lens!

Due to the crazy pregnancy stuff going on, last week at work was a little off.  Monday I went in late and Wednesday and Thursday I was off trying to get myself together.  I've just been trying to get everything for maternity leave in order.  At this point, who knows when I'll be out, but I know my team is amazing and I am confident leaving everything in their hands :)

With less than a month until D.J. leaves for Spring Training, we are embracing all the time we can together.  We have a packed next four weeks - basketball games, concerts, baby classes, and celebrating birthdays with family members.  This past weekend we took our last trip to my in-laws just the two of us.  It's crazy to think that next time we will be there, Harrison will be with us.  Lots more bags and baby stuff in the car! I'm looking forward to seeing what this season has in store for D.J. and cannot wait to see him play in front of his sweet baby boy.

That's a wrap on a crazy busy last two weeks! Thanks for sticking around even though I've been slacking!