Thursday, February 11, 2016

#baseballwifelife: A Season Unlike Any Others

It is very hard to believe that a short 30-something weeks ago the off season started.  I was just announcing the pregnancy and we were in full bliss of enjoying being in the same house for more than a week at a time.

30-something weeks sure does go by fast when you think of it in terms of off season vs in season.  But in the same breath, it feels like I have been pregnant forever! The day we found out seems like so long ago it's hard to believe the time has come for D.J. to begin his fourth Spring Training with the Indians! Plane ticket is booked, living arrangements are planned and the only thing left to do is pack the bags. Except D.J. will be the only one packing a bag.  Although I am having serious jealousy issues with not being able to go to Arizona this year, I know that flying at 37 weeks pregnant is a miserable idea and my doctors would probably burn my files. So nesting it is for me...and lots of Facetime dates with all our friends out there.

This season will be unlike any season before.  Like I said, D.J. will leave for Spring Training when I am 37 weeks pregnant.  The point of no return.  Any labor signs after 37 weeks, and this little boy is coming.  Am I nervous for the labor? Not yet.  I supposed I may get nervous as the days get closer, but what I am more concerned about is getting D.J. home in time.  The coaches all know that we are expecting and I will be extremely pregnant during ST, but getting the word to them, getting to the airport, buying a plane ticket, getting all the way back across the United States - that's no easy task.  And who really knows how long he will be able to be home after the birth.  It all depends on when baby decides to come. Anytime before his  due date could limit the time D.J. has at home.  But right at the due date or a few days late could mean a few extra days for daddy to be home.

Last season was amazing.  I visited on weekends, worked remotely for 8 weeks to be with D.J. and was able to connect with so many baseball ladies throughout the season.  A baby adds a whole other element to the ballgame.  The plan is that I will spend as much time on my maternity leave wherever D.J. is.  I want Harrison to be able to see his daddy and spend time with him.  Once I go back to work though, the trips will be much harder since the team D.J. is hoping to start with will be about 8 hours away. That many hours for a weekend trip with a newborn sounds like a daunting task.

All I know is that this baseball season will be unlike any others.  I am so thankful there have been people that have gone before me in this venture and would love to hear any advice you baseball mamas have on traveling with infants, taking them to games, schedules, etc.

Here's to the 2016 baseball season - our 4th full season is almost underway!

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  1. I am so excited for Baseball to get started again.

    Best of luck to D.J this season


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