Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend of Cheer

This was such an exciting weekend! On Thursday afternoon, my sweet co-workers threw an amazing shower for me and baby Harrison.  It was so thoughtful of them and we got some of the sweetest outfits, blankets and a huge essential - the next car seat size up and an extra base for the carrier!  The decor and food were delicious and I am so thankful for amazing co-workers that love baby Harrison so much already! It was nothing short of perfection!

The sweet hostess with her cute little baby bump! Thank you, Kate!! PS - there are no other pictures of me being posted because I obviously haven't mastered the "look cute and take candid photos" look yet.  Maybe by the last baby shower I will have it down.

Friday afternoon we got off at 1 p.m. because of impending weather and I was a little stressed out.  Three weeks ago we had a very similar Friday.  It was the day before our cheerleading competition and practice got cancelled.  Well the competition ended up being cancelled that weekend, but this weekend the show must go on! Our practice was cancelled and I was super nervous for the team.  Since the last competition weekend, we had two cheerleaders who were not able to make the competition this weekend.  We taught the routine to two new people and I felt like one more practice could have done us well.  

The school has not had a competition cheering team since 2010 and I was so impressed by the work this team put in over the past two seasons to be where they are today.  The competition may not have been their best routine they have ever put on the mat, but they gave it their all and performed to the best of their ability.  They went up against teams that cheer much longer seasons then them, practice much longer hours and have much more experience than them.  95% of our team has never taken the mat before this weekend.  Overall the place that they got does not matter in my eyes.  What matters is that they had fun. improved since last year, and are ready to take their cheering commitment to the next level next season! 

They have made me such a proud coach and to know that I (along with the help of many others!) am helping revive the cheering program at my alma mater is very rewarding.  Looking back at the competition I competed it, I love being able to feel the excitement I once felt through my team as a coach.  It's a very completely different feeling of nerves, but I have learned a lot this season.  Ladies (and my two gentleman that were a very big component to our team),  thank you for being the team you are! 

And that, blog readers, is the look of one happy coach! 

The rest of our Saturday was very busy.  We set up my Nana's Apple TV, organized the baby clothes, took down the Christmas lights (don't judge), and then went to see 13 hours.  Phew - I'm exhausted thinking about our busy day.

Sunday was low key.  D.J. and I celebrated Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie on Friday, so Sunday we just relaxed and my parents house before celebrating my aunts birthday in the afternoon followed by a game of cards. 

After a busy weekend. I am glad to have today off to recover.  I'm trying to get a few more things from Target/TJMAXX for the nursery and then I think we should be good to go in that room! Crazy to think we only have 6 weeks left until Harrison's due date! 

Hope you all have a fabulous President's Day! 

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