Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baby Brown: Week 34

How far along: 34 weeks

Due date: March 27, 2016 - according to the work bets, the first colleague has me going on Feb 21!! Not sure that's going to happen! 

Baby Size: according to the app, a head of cabbage!  After my 34 week appointment this morning, the doctor measured my belly at 36 cm, so she wants to do an ultrasound next time!! 

Weight gain: Didn't gain any weight at the doctors this time. Staying steady at 170.

Maternity Clothes: yep, and everything that is D.J.'s that I can fit in! 

Stretch Marks: nope.

Sleep: sleeping well still - just getting up 4-5x a night to pee.  Yes, I've heard it already - just my body preparing me for those middle of the night feedings!

Gender: BOY!!! 

Name:  Harrison Cole Brown !

Movement: Still having good movements.  Lots of rolls and jabs.  It's crazy how I can feel him at the top and bottom of my belly at the same time. 

Best moment this week: finally getting the nursery a little more organized. Just have a few more things to do in there before I feel like it is ready for a grand reveal! My 34 week appointment this morning was pretty awesome too.  I just love being able to hear the heart beat going strong at 147 and know that in a few short weeks, this baby is going to be here. 

Looking forward to: Carrie Underwood concert this weekend! Crazy to think that I will be 35 weeks pregnant trying to go to a concert! Other than that, I'm looking forward to scheduling the cleaning lady to come again before Harrison makes his arrival.  Also to use my car detailing ASAP so I can get the car seat put in - you never know when baby will be here! And plus - I want to get all this done before D.J. leaves for Spring Training. 

Husband is: excited that we get to see our baby one more time on the inside.  He only have two more weeks of work before he gears us for Spring Training! The last week he is home I hope to have him finish up any last minute "around the house" tasks that I won't be able to do.  Baby Harrison is also already taking after his daddy.  I found a picture of D.J. as a baby and compared it to the ultrasound we had at 24 weeks.  Look at that nose and those lips!!! 

Cravings: nothing out of the norm.  Our school got a new ice machine this year with PELLET ICE and I'm OBSESSED! I have at leave three full glasses of ice to chew on every day! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.

Labor Signs: nope. 

Missing Most: not having a belly the size of a basketball.

Symptoms: Still experiencing some of the vagal episodes, but for the most part I have been able to control the symptoms and avoid the episodes.  I've started to have some of the sciatica nerve pain down by butt and into the thigh area.  Ankles aren't swollen, but walking around on them is getting harder. 30+ extra pounds on ankles that aren't used to it is hard! I don't want to say this, but I am starting to be at the "I'm over it" point.  I'm ready  for him to be here and for us to start life on the outside together! 

Nursery: so excited about the way the nursery is coming together.  Still need to do a few more things, but overall it's almost done!!

Belly Button in or out? still an innie, but sometimes it goes flat and sometimes it pops a bit! Just depends on the day!

Wedding rings on or off? on for now, but not promising they will make it all the way. 

Mood: hoping this little man doesn't decide to come too early, but ready for him to be on the outside! 

Workouts: nope


  1. You look amazing, girl! You're so close! Xx

  2. You look wonderful! I hope the rest of your pregnancy sails by


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