Thursday, April 23, 2015

@caytebrown vs. @blogwiththebrowns

I don't know about your blog feed, but the hot topic right now is all things privacy - watermarking, photos of babes, how to be safe on social media - you name it, they are talking about it. I think this is making headlines on our blogs because of the new phenomenon with over 34,000 hashtags on Instagram called #babyrp.  It's when creepers steal photos of the ones you love and pretend they are their own. #scary I'll let you look at Stephanie, Cait, and Megan's posts to see more about how they are dealing with this crazy topic with their mini me's.

After reading these posts, I realized it's not just about your babies photos, but about all the photos.  I don't want random people stealing them and claiming them as their own, so I began thinking about watermarking...then I just got confused. See my problem is that I have my Instagram account linked to my personal name - @caytebrown.  But should I be change it to @blogwiththebrowns or some sort?!   When I do get to the point of having tons of cute little baby Brown pictures to upload to the blog, I do want to make sure they are being kept safe. So what is your suggestion?? Keep instagram the same or change to the blog name?!

The privacy talk also brought up the other topic of general safety on social media.  Tawnya from All of Life's Little Adventures posted a great article about how to stay safe when you publicly put your life out there to the world - which, if you have a blog or not, most of America is in some way putting your life out there.  Take a few minutes to read it and think about adopting some of these policies for yourself!

So blog besties - please help me out with the instagram handle!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baseball Apparel

Ok ya'll. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm married to a baseball player.  If you are new to the blog, check out that story here. This past off season it seems like small businesses have blossomed in the baseball world.  It's so exciting to see all these ladies working hard to support their men and provide for their families.  I'm obsessed with all of these companies and cannot wait till my husband gives me the OK to purchase some of my own.

Baseball Lacelets
These ladies have been getting crazy amounts of press in their hometown of Cincinnati, OH.  Two sisters who teamed up to bring us these awesome leather, hand stamped baseball lacelets have been growing their business tenfold and just finished their Kickstarter campaign to purchase their own stamping machine and secure a warehouse space! Made of the leather from a baseball glove, these bracelets come with customizable options with multiple different lengths and colors.  If you love some good arm candy, check them out!

The Swanky Paper Doll
How cool is this outfit.  I'm obsessed with the navy and  heather gray and what's more appropriate that "talk baseball to me"?! I would throw this shirt on for any night game with a cute pair of wedges during the summer time. The Swanky Paper Doll has tons of shirts perfect for any team color and perfect little baseball quotes that I love!

Live Love Gameday
If this isn't so true for any baseball lady out there, I don't know what is! The best part about Live Love Gameday is that they have shirts for all sports - from basketball to football - perfect for anyone.  They event have some pretty pretty jewelry!

I highly encourage you to go check out all of these fabulous companies and shop away!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Flowers : Volume I

There is something special about spring time and seeing new growth all around you.  Even though the allergies kill me every year, it's worth it to see the beautiful flowers, trees, and fresh grass to mow! Last year was our first spring in the house and it was so exciting to see what was popping up under all those weeds I needed to pull.  I blogged about it here and here  and this year I have decided to do a few different posts on all the different flowers and plants I have growing.  I would say my thumb is getting greener and greener each year :) 

I have three different azalea bushes in the front year and I totally swoon over these pretties every year.  I have two deep pink ones and one bright pink tree that are the main eye catcher in the front yard. 

We have this awesome tree that looks pretty bare during the winter months, but in the spring it blossoms into one of the pretties trees on the block.  These dainty flowers are starting to bloom all over the tree, but I especially love how this single flower is holding its own closer to the bottom of the tree. 

And my absolute favorite are all the lilies that surprised me last year with their arrival! I had no idea what they would be, but this pretty green plant is going to turn into one of the most beautiful flowers I have. Stay tuned.

We did plant a few things last year that are starting to come back, like this pretty knockout rose bush.  This lone pink rose is the only one that has decided to bloom so far, but I know the others aren't far behind.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Carleigh's Bridal Shower

This past weekend between baseball games, I spent some time showering the bride-to-be, Carleigh, at her shower! With the help of her little, Jilly, we were able to pull together a pretty amazing shower with some of Carleigh's closest friends! 

We did bagels, fruit, cinnamon rolls, and these cute donuts for food.

 We used lots of pinks and pastels in the decorations and Jilly's house was the perfect setting for the shower.  So open and airy - I loved it!

 The mimosa bar was to die for.  I got some blueberry pomegranate and I was impressed with how delicious it was. OJ was the most popular, but everyone seemed to love the mimosa bar!

Carleigh got lots of special presents, but my personal favorite was the selfie stick for her to use when they go on their honeymoon in Hawaii! 

Then we played some pretty funny games - Carleigh had to answer questions that we asked Conner and if she got them wrong, she had to stuff her face with a marshmallow! We ended up tearing them in half because she was missing too many questions! 

 I had such a great time meeting all of the girls and cannot wait to celebrate again in May at the bachelorette party! Carleigh, D.J. and I are both so lucky to have you and Conner in our lives.  I cannot wait to take Disney vacations with y'all, plan our babies together, and of course celebrate your love at your wedding in June! LOVE YOU!

Monday, April 13, 2015

#baseballwifelife 2015 is underway!

What an amazing weekend for the Brown's! Now that the first four games of the 2015 season are complete, I can officially say the baseball itch is gone! I took Friday off of work so I could fully enjoy the long weekend in Woodbridge, VA with friends and family watching D.J. play baseball. 
Thursday after work I got on the road around 4:30 and it took me about three and a half hours to get there.  Luckily I wasn't missing much (besides our friend Dylan pitch) because the weather was GROSS! Misty, cold and windy the whole night.  Good thing I brought my blanket and warm shoes. I didn't snap any photos that night simply because my fingers were numb. 

Friday we met up with D.J.'s sisters at IKEA and spent the day pretending we were remodeling our homes and wishing for everything in the store.  We grabbed lunch at Potomac Mills and walked through the mall.    
Jayden had a blast playing in the play area and it worked out well because we all got back to the hotel room and crashed until around 5:30 p.m.  D.J. had to leave for the field around 3:30 p.m. and we all got up and started getting ready to go....then D.J. called and said the game was cancelled because the lights at the stadium wouldn't turn on??

#typical #milbproblems

So we ended up having an unexpected date night with the in-laws and our bestie, Dylan Baker. 

Saturday morning I hit the gym while D.J. got his beauty sleep because the coaches called when we were at dinner Friday and informed him that he would be starting the second game of the double header on Saturday.  

It was a big day because Jayson Werth, outfielder for the Washington Nationals, was rehabbing with the P-Nats, which means D.J. would be pitching against him!!!! I am normally a very calm fan - I cheer and do the occasional "here we go Hillcats!" but this was a different situation. I was SO nervous for him and wanted nothing more than for D to strike him out. 

AND HE DID! This was probably the biggest day in D's career so far.  I know it may seem small to some players who have seen big league players in games before, but this was his first time playing against someone like this, so it was a big moment! 

On a side note - it has taken some getting used to seeing the guys in green and gold compared to the Mudcats black and red.  We were a hodge podge of Mudcats/Indians/JMU gear this weekend, but the one thing we all had in common was 22.  So glad to see that number come back to D.J. 

We had to do whatever it took to keep the littles occupied during the games! Thank goodness for toys and bottles!

Attempt #1 at taking a cute photo...

 #2 is much better!

So glad Kendall and Brad were able to drive down and grab dinner with us after the games on Saturday.  Going to miss them when they move to NY in May!

My attempt at making D.J. closer to my height.  It's a lost cause y'all.  I'm short - he's tall. I gotta embrace it!

We had lots of friends visit for the game on Saturday, including this little boy, Cameron, whose parents are friends with my brother and sister in law! I'm obsessed with this picture!

My love. 

Isn't he going to make the best dad one day?

Sweet Myla.

What a great weekend with friends and family! It was so good to see D.J. do what we loves for a living.  I love being able to stand by his side and we are so fortunate to have him so close.  I cannot wait till June when I can be a full time employed wife by day and full time baseball wife by night! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lynchburg, Here We Come!

It's official - D.J and I will be living in the same state this season! 
That's right - D.J. will be starting the season with the Lynchburg Hillcats! Even though we are in the same state, this team is actually an hour further than the Carolina Mudcats, but it will do! This is one of the four stadiums in the Carolina league that I didn't make it to last year so I am excited to check this off the box.

In the off season, the Indians switched Advanced A affiliates from the Mudcats to the Hillcats, so D.J. is starting at the same level that he ended at last season.  We couldn't be more excited to have him close again this season so we can all see as much of him as possible! So just a reminder, for all you non-baseball addicts like myself -

Short Season A - Mahoning Valley Scrappers
Low A - Lake County Captains
High A - Lynchburg Hillcats
AA - Akron RubberDucks
AAA - Columbus Clippers
Majors - Cleveland Indians

It's not just a walk in the park people.  Baseball is hard work.  It takes time.  It takes determination.  So this is our story and I hope you stick around to follow how this season will play out!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend filled with love and happiness!
Having Friday off was AH-MAZING! I got my workout in early, mowed the neighbors and our yard and then drove out to the beach to go on a bike ride with Ryan.  We grabbed lunch at Taste Unlimited and then did some sight seeing on the way home.  The beach has some amazing houses down there.  I ended up babysitting Friday night.

Saturday morning, my uncle and I got up early and drove D.J.'s car to Richmond for his parents to pick up later that day so he will have his car this week.  More on where he will be for the season tomorrow :) We got back home around 10:30 and I treated myself to a mani and pedi! It was so relaxing and I loved it.
We celebrated Easter on Saturday night because my cousin Heather was getting confirmed into the Catholic church.  It was a different experience (that lasted 3 hours), but it was very cool to see her and all the others get introduced into the church.  The kids both fell asleep and thank goodness the littlest stayed at home with their grandma.
Bobby and Julie stayed in Georgia for Easter this year, so it was just me and the parents, so we snapped these pictures before church!

 Could they be any cuter?! This is "their" picture pose that they always do and sometimes it's hilarious, but this time it turned out precious!

 She wanted to do whatever he was doing even though I insisted it was guy thing! Too cute!

Sunday morning I slept in till around 9:30 and had some pancakes at my parents house before heading to my aunts for our annual Easter Egg Coloring Contest! Each year we decorate eggs and have the neighbors come judge them based on categories that we make up and some home seem to add more categories each year! Everyone gets into and it's such a great tradition that makes our family who we are!

I decided to do a variety of eggs this year.  The M&M's are for the judge - all growing up she would give me m&m's whenever I would come over to their house, so this was specifically for the judge! The bee was something I saw on Pinterest that I knew I could easily put together.  I colored the black with a sharpie and dyed the egg in yellow and then used glue in one of the color boxes to glue the cotton ball wings on! The purple glitter was a last minute egg to add a little bright color.  And of course, the baseball team logo that D.J. will be with this year, if you were following on Insta, you know where!! Tune in tomorrow for more deets.

Little Liam wanted to take a selfie and this is what I got!

Around about 4pm, the kids were worn out and it was time for everyone to head home! But before we did, the judges announced the winners and I took home Most Creative for my bumble bee.

It was such a great weekend and I cannot wait till next year when the kids double and we have the other Wilson clan back in town. Now if only Bobby, Julie, and the hubs could be here too...

Happy Monday!!