Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Flowers : Volume I

There is something special about spring time and seeing new growth all around you.  Even though the allergies kill me every year, it's worth it to see the beautiful flowers, trees, and fresh grass to mow! Last year was our first spring in the house and it was so exciting to see what was popping up under all those weeds I needed to pull.  I blogged about it here and here  and this year I have decided to do a few different posts on all the different flowers and plants I have growing.  I would say my thumb is getting greener and greener each year :) 

I have three different azalea bushes in the front year and I totally swoon over these pretties every year.  I have two deep pink ones and one bright pink tree that are the main eye catcher in the front yard. 

We have this awesome tree that looks pretty bare during the winter months, but in the spring it blossoms into one of the pretties trees on the block.  These dainty flowers are starting to bloom all over the tree, but I especially love how this single flower is holding its own closer to the bottom of the tree. 

And my absolute favorite are all the lilies that surprised me last year with their arrival! I had no idea what they would be, but this pretty green plant is going to turn into one of the most beautiful flowers I have. Stay tuned.

We did plant a few things last year that are starting to come back, like this pretty knockout rose bush.  This lone pink rose is the only one that has decided to bloom so far, but I know the others aren't far behind.


  1. SOO pretty!!! I can't wait till the day we have a home and I can garden.


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