Monday, April 24, 2017

11 & 12 Months || Harrison Cole

Well now that we are almost to 13 months, I guess it' time to update this. 

Weight and length: At your 12 month check up you were 21.2 pounds (48%) and 31 inches (90%) with a head circumference of 48 cm (94%)...still got that big ole noggin!!

Diapers: 4's in pampers. You had your first real diaper rash over the past two months. I think it was a reaction to the acidity in tomato sauce. 

Teeth: Right when I thought we may have taken a break from teething, you popped your 9th tooth.  It's been about a month now since you have gotten another one, but I still think you have some working in there. 

Clothes: Still between 12 and 18 month clothes these days.  18 month jammies.

Sleep: Down to one long nap in the middle of the day and sleeping from 7-7 on most days! You only use your paci at night times and some days we forget! You don't have that one special thing you have to have at all times - no blankie, or paci, or lovey.  Which is kinda sad, but I'm kinda thankful for that too. 

Food: At 11.5 months I stopped pumping at work which was a huge relief. Then when you turned one, we started to move from 2x a day nursing to only once in the mornings.  And I am venturing to say that by 13 months you will be completely weaned. 

Other 11 & 12 Month Memories: 

Spring Training 2017! 

First trip to Akron of the season!

Daycare started! 

Since the last monthly update, you can now stand on your own, scale the walls, and are up to 5-7 steps on your own! We've been spending lots of time outside in the grass and getting the garden ready to plant new flowers.  You love bubbles and going on stroller rides. 

You turned one!!! And we love facetiming with daddy! 

You can make the clucking noise with your mouth.  You can also say mama, ball, hat.

You drink all your milk out of a sippy cup with a straw and can drink anything out of a regular straw.  You are growing up so quickly and I cannot believe it.