Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2 Months || Harrison Cole

*disclaimer - photo overload mixed in with some milestones and memories we don't want to forget*

Oh Harrison,
You continue to make us so honored and proud to be your parents. It is the most special thing to see you grow and change every day.  This was another very busy and exciting month full of firsts for you! We love the way you look at us and try to remember every detail, when you first "break free" from your swaddle in the mornings, and of course when you try to be a big boy and fart as loud as daddy does! We love you so much and not a day goes by that I don't think about how amazing it is that we MADE you!! 

2 Month Memories:

- You jumped up to size 1 diapers and fit in those pretty well now.  I really like the Luvs brand, but we are still using up all the diapers from the shower that we got. 
- You are officially out of all your newborn clothes! I packed them all away and you are quickly growing out of 0-3 months now.  I have been putting you in 3 months sleepers and you fill them out pretty well.  
- You still take a pacifier - you prefer the soothie brand where we can put our finger inside to suck on.
- You still get up a couple times in the night to feed, but still go right back to sleep. Around 7-8 weeks you started stretching out your feedings a little more.  They seem to go 10pm - 2/3 am - 5/7am then around 9/10 am.  That first stretch is the best! 
- You have already been to 4 states - Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Ohio. 
- You love playing on the play mat and looking at all the patterns.  We try to do tummy time every day and still get lots of cuddles. 
- Mom is still pumping once a day to get that supply up for when I return to work. I usually get anywhere between 3 and 5 ounces total. 
- You still take a bottle, but we haven't needed to give you a bottle much. 
- We try to give you a bath every couples days and you still love bath time! I hope that during month 3 or 4 we get you in the pool!
- The Solly Wrap and the white noise machine are life savers.  We put in you in the wrap all the time and it's so perfect for baseball games.  I just bring the car seat in and when you get fussy I wrap you up! And at night time, if daddy's head tickles don't do the trick, the white noise machine sure will! 

This month was completely different than your first month of life.  When you were 6 weeks old, we left home and started our adventure around the east coast with daddy pretending to be full time baseball travelers.  Norfolk, VA à Harrisburg, PA àColchester, CT àSigel, PA àAkron, OH àAltoona, PA. I'd say we have been pretty busy putting miles on mommy's car! This is also the reason we couldn't take your official 2 month photo in the chair and with the elephant.  We will do it right when we get home from our visits!

You spent week 4-6 at home and during that time you took a nap in your crib.  Of course, Stryker was right there the whole time keeping an eye on you.

You also let me celebrate my first mother's day! Thank you so much for making me a mommy. I am so happy I get to be yours forever. 

In Harrisburg you met lots of mommy's family members (Aunt Nancy, Uncle Chris, Becky and her family, and Brendan and his family).  They all came to the game to see D.J. play. 

Then in Connecticut you met Lisa and Drew, Kendall, and Wyatt (your Godfather!).

After Connecticut, we made the two day trip back to Akron and spent the night at Camp, a place that mommy spent many summers and Thanksgivings with family.  This is where you tried to double suck your thumb! 

To say you enjoy the car seat is an understatement.  You are SUCH a good traveler.  The only time we have to stop is when you are hungry and we just make a quick exit off the interstate and feed you wherever we can find a safe spot to pull over.  

You still sleep in your rock n' play and seem to be enjoying it.  Daddy has the magic touch when he rubs your head and eyebrows and you seriously go into a trance - it's amazing. We still swaddle you up for night time and you are doing much better in the sleep sack ones. No more blanket swaddles for you! 

I swear, your eyes get bluer and bluer every day. I think I said this in your 1 month update, but I swear, they are going to be just like the blue sky on a sunny day.

 We have spent every day since getting with daddy at a baseball game (but one day).  You are so good at the games.  Everyone loves to hold you, so mommy always gets a break. And our favorite days are when daddy sits in the stands and we can sneak smiles with him.

We are absolutely stunned with how long you are! I don't have your stats from 2 months yet, because we go to the doctors this week, but I swear you have got to be 26 inches long at least! At your 1 month appointment you were 24 inches.  I'm guessing 26 inches and 11 pounds. We will see.  Look at how long you are in these pictures!!

We celebrated Sonny's 2nd birthday and baby Haases #2 gender reveal! (IT'S A GIRL!) 

 And probably the most exciting thing in month 2 is that you started to smile! You know who mommy and daddy are for sure now.  You smile at us all the time and follow us with your eyes if we move around the room.  You are so attentive to what we are doing and we love it.  Between all those smiles you are starting to make spit bubbles and already drooling like a crazy kid. 

You are getting so big so fast, it's sad.  But in the same breath, we love watching you grow and get your own little personality! We can't wait for month three (my last month of maternity leave) and all the memories our little family will make. Bring on more baby rolls!

Hold the door, say please, say thank you
Don't steal, don't cheat and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb but 
Always stay humble and kind