Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My First Mother's Day

I'm not going to lie, my first Mother's Day was not how I envisioned it.  The night before was my first night out without the baby, so I was out way later than I have been.  I came home and he did not want to go back to sleep after the 3am feeding time.  I was exhausted and Sunday morning all I wanted to do was sleep in, but H had different plans.  

We didn't have any big plans for the day.  Around 10 a.m. we went over to my parents to have some breakfast.  My sister Julie was in town and was so sweet to make me pancakes and deliver them to me out back while I was rocking the baby.  We hung out at my cousins' house for the day down the street.  They jumped on the trampoline, we had lunch and just enjoyed the company.  We ended the night with a delicious seafood dinner outside at our house since the weather was so nice! 

D.J. was so thoughtful and got me a necklace with Harrison's name and birthstone on it.  And since I needed some retail therapy from an insanely stressful day, I went out and bought some easy to nurse in shirts, a nursing workout shirt and sports bra, had the house cleaned and scheduled a manicure and pedicure for this week!

At the end of the day, the love of my little boy is greater than any stress or bad day he may cause me. And let's be honest, every day should be Mother's Day (and Father's Day)!

And since the only time I have to blog these day is when the laundry is done, dishes are cleaned, dog is played with, and everything else on my list of "to-do" can wait, here is a picture of whats going on in the baby's room while I post this <3 

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