Thursday, May 12, 2016

6 Weeks Postpartum - The Things No One Told Me About

Has it really been 6 weeks?! Wow.  I cannot believe how fast the time is going. We are officially halfway through my maternity leave and now have the green light to workout, get in a hot tub, take a bath and make another baby! JUST KIDDING. Not any time soon people. Let me figure out how to be a mom of one first!! 

In these six weeks, I have learned a lot about myself and about being a mom.  Some of those things I expected, but there are some things that I wasn't expecting...

My clothes still don't fit. Yes, I instantly lost about 20 pounds when I left the hospital, but that does not mean you will be wearing your skinny jeans anytime soon.  The first week weeks, I lived in sweatpants and my husband's t-shirts.  I can finally wear some loose fitting shirts (if my massive baby feeding boobs allow it) and most of my Nike running shorts, but still wearing maternity jeans and lots of leggings. Slow and steady changes, y'all.  

You will be sore. Regardless of how you deliver your baby, you will be sore.  They don't call it labor for no reason! I worked SO hard to push that baby out - all my muscles were sore.  Muscles I didn't even realize I was using to push.  Not only are your muscles sore, but your lady parts will be sore.  For weeks.  I'm just now starting to feel 90-100% better than I was at delivery.  

Your days will consist of lots of baby stares. I find myself looking at the clock throughout the day and saying "where has the day gone!".  Whether it's in the bed, looking at them in the swing, or snuggling them up against your chest, you will stare at your baby like you have never stared at anything before.  Are they awake? Did they just cry? Is he breathing? Should I pick him up? All these questions are just very small amounts of reasons to stare at the precious babe.  And by all means, soak them up because babies don't keep. 

Babies don't keep. They grow. And it's such a Catch 22.  We want them to grow and learn and discover the world they live in, but in the same sentence, I want to keep this baby forever.  It's amazing to see the things they learn in such a short amount of time.  They grow so fast, so love up on those little infants as much as you can.

Your patience will be tested. Whether because of uncontrollable crying and you can't soothe them, or car rides where they want nothing to do with the car seat, your patience will be tested.  Find something that allows you to calm yourself in those moments.  When Harrison cries uncontrollably, I find myself counting the number of wails he has.  Then I try to put him down in the crib and go do something else for a few minutes.  Then I will try to soothe him again.  You just have to remember that they are crying to try and tell us something.  Eventually we will understand what they are saying! 

Laundry will be your new best friend.  No need to explain.  Just get ready - I see an investment in a new washer/dryer in our future. 

Your husband will melt your heart. Whenever D.J. Facetimes with Harrison, all he wants to do is see the baby.  Which is fine with me - we talk to each other while he looks at Harrison.  Then every now and then he will start talking to Harrison and it's just the cutest dang thing I've ever seen.  The few days we have been with D.J. since his birth, I have been able to see what an incredible dad he is.  He is loving, caring, attentive, and tries to help in any way possible when he isn't here.  Sometimes when we are Facetiming and Harrison is crying he stays on and tries to "shh" him all the way from Akron.  Swoon if I've ever swooned before. 

Own being a mom. No one told me how proud of myself I would be.  I didn't realize how proud I was of myself until after we left the hospital.  I birthed this child.  My body was designed to do this, but with my effort and strength, he was born! IT IS SUCH A MIRACLE! You know, for me, everything I have done in my life up until this point has somewhat been expected.  Graduate high school - graduate college - get a job... having a baby has never been expected.  I can honestly say this is my most proud moment and I get to continue to have that feeling every day being a mom.  Every day is another day of being a mom and providing everything to support this child.  From nursing him to changing his diaper to giving him unconditional love, he relies solely on me (and his daddy).  And that makes me proud every day. 


  1. All of these are so true! Hope you are enjoying every moment of being a new momma. Don't blink! :)

  2. Love this!! You are doing such a great job!!!

  3. Oh yes! I love and can relate to ALL of this!!! Motherhood is the best gift.

  4. I agree with all of these! You need to add leakage too, because even at 7 mths pp I'm still working my kegals daily! Patience in those first few months was so important. I had to keep reminding myself he won't be this little forever and it'll get easier but it was so hard. And whenever I couldn't handle the baby anymore I would look at my husband and say take him! For my sanity!

  5. These are all so true! You're doing great, mama!

  6. You've got this! Your attitude is awesome and just keep reminding yourself you don't know it all and THAT'S OK!!!!!!!!


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