Tuesday, May 10, 2016

#baseballwifelife: An Update

Let me tell you one thing - baseball season with a baby add a whole different component to things! Harrison and I love watching the games this season and it's actually part of our nightly "routine" right now. Since I haven't updated y'all on baseball season so far (or anything on the blog for that matter), here is an update on how D.J. has been doing this season.

  • When Harrison was 2 weeks old, we made a trip to Akron for a few days to see Daddy.  Harrison saw his first baseball game and slept all through it.  Right when D.J. finished playing, he woke up to eat.  Thank you for making that work for me, buddy.
  • D.J. started the season as a reliever. And in true fashion, switched back to starting in late April.  He is back to a 5 day rotation, which also makes it very nice for family.
  • Since we have been back in Norfolk, we have been watching all the games on the "TV".  Technically it's the computer, but we stream it to the TV.  We watch all the games at my parents house and then when it's over, we come home and go to bed.  It's a pretty good routine we have going on. 
  • D.J. currently has a 2-0 record with a 2.78 ERA.  And in only 22 innings pitched, he has 30 strikeouts!! 
  • Harrison and I are gearing up for our next trip this Friday to Harrisburg, PA.  From there we are going to Norwich, CT and then back to Akron.  I am planning on staying up there for a good time and hopefully the rest of my maternity leave.
  • This team has an awesome, very family oriented coach and we are very thankful for that! 
  • I haven't taken ANY pictures of D.J. playing, so hopefully I will get some good ones this weekend! 
Thanks for sticking around these parts as we are still adjusting to having baby boy around and soaking in all the love and baby snuggles <3. 

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  1. My sister in-law travels with their baby girl to all the games! Those babies are going to make it to every baseball field before they grow up!

    too cute!
    xo, Lisa @ Showered With Design


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