Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Carleigh's Bridal Shower

This past weekend between baseball games, I spent some time showering the bride-to-be, Carleigh, at her shower! With the help of her little, Jilly, we were able to pull together a pretty amazing shower with some of Carleigh's closest friends! 

We did bagels, fruit, cinnamon rolls, and these cute donuts for food.

 We used lots of pinks and pastels in the decorations and Jilly's house was the perfect setting for the shower.  So open and airy - I loved it!

 The mimosa bar was to die for.  I got some blueberry pomegranate and I was impressed with how delicious it was. OJ was the most popular, but everyone seemed to love the mimosa bar!

Carleigh got lots of special presents, but my personal favorite was the selfie stick for her to use when they go on their honeymoon in Hawaii! 

Then we played some pretty funny games - Carleigh had to answer questions that we asked Conner and if she got them wrong, she had to stuff her face with a marshmallow! We ended up tearing them in half because she was missing too many questions! 

 I had such a great time meeting all of the girls and cannot wait to celebrate again in May at the bachelorette party! Carleigh, D.J. and I are both so lucky to have you and Conner in our lives.  I cannot wait to take Disney vacations with y'all, plan our babies together, and of course celebrate your love at your wedding in June! LOVE YOU!


  1. I really loved this place of bridal party! The party décor was fantastic and everything looked great. I hope you everyone had a memorable time spent! Next month we will also attend a destination wedding at one of the best Lincoln park wedding venues. So much excited about that!


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