Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baseball Apparel

Ok ya'll. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm married to a baseball player.  If you are new to the blog, check out that story here. This past off season it seems like small businesses have blossomed in the baseball world.  It's so exciting to see all these ladies working hard to support their men and provide for their families.  I'm obsessed with all of these companies and cannot wait till my husband gives me the OK to purchase some of my own.

Baseball Lacelets
These ladies have been getting crazy amounts of press in their hometown of Cincinnati, OH.  Two sisters who teamed up to bring us these awesome leather, hand stamped baseball lacelets have been growing their business tenfold and just finished their Kickstarter campaign to purchase their own stamping machine and secure a warehouse space! Made of the leather from a baseball glove, these bracelets come with customizable options with multiple different lengths and colors.  If you love some good arm candy, check them out!

The Swanky Paper Doll
How cool is this outfit.  I'm obsessed with the navy and  heather gray and what's more appropriate that "talk baseball to me"?! I would throw this shirt on for any night game with a cute pair of wedges during the summer time. The Swanky Paper Doll has tons of shirts perfect for any team color and perfect little baseball quotes that I love!

Live Love Gameday
If this isn't so true for any baseball lady out there, I don't know what is! The best part about Live Love Gameday is that they have shirts for all sports - from basketball to football - perfect for anyone.  They event have some pretty pretty jewelry!

I highly encourage you to go check out all of these fabulous companies and shop away!


  1. Love these! I just ordered my first baseball lacelet last week and cannot wait for it to get here!! We've got to plan a Virginia get together!

  2. I love these! I will have to check them all out. I've been thinking about ordering a lacelet for a while.

  3. Love the bracelet!!! How cool that it is made from a glove 😃
    Stefanie Williams


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