Thursday, April 23, 2015

@caytebrown vs. @blogwiththebrowns

I don't know about your blog feed, but the hot topic right now is all things privacy - watermarking, photos of babes, how to be safe on social media - you name it, they are talking about it. I think this is making headlines on our blogs because of the new phenomenon with over 34,000 hashtags on Instagram called #babyrp.  It's when creepers steal photos of the ones you love and pretend they are their own. #scary I'll let you look at Stephanie, Cait, and Megan's posts to see more about how they are dealing with this crazy topic with their mini me's.

After reading these posts, I realized it's not just about your babies photos, but about all the photos.  I don't want random people stealing them and claiming them as their own, so I began thinking about watermarking...then I just got confused. See my problem is that I have my Instagram account linked to my personal name - @caytebrown.  But should I be change it to @blogwiththebrowns or some sort?!   When I do get to the point of having tons of cute little baby Brown pictures to upload to the blog, I do want to make sure they are being kept safe. So what is your suggestion?? Keep instagram the same or change to the blog name?!

The privacy talk also brought up the other topic of general safety on social media.  Tawnya from All of Life's Little Adventures posted a great article about how to stay safe when you publicly put your life out there to the world - which, if you have a blog or not, most of America is in some way putting your life out there.  Take a few minutes to read it and think about adopting some of these policies for yourself!

So blog besties - please help me out with the instagram handle!

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  1. I had mine lifeofasportswife when I was LOASW, but then when I switched to my name. I like that it's mine name, but I really think it comes down to preference. Probably not the answer you wanted.


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