Monday, May 4, 2015


It was such a perfect weekend and home with family and friends before the next few weekends get crazy busy.

Friday some friends and I went to dinner at a new place called Cogans North, which if you are a Norfolkian, you must try it! Great beer list and awesome pizza! We stayed there for a while and ended up going back to a friends house and after more chatting (and drinking :) ), I just decided to call it a night and sleep over.  I had an early morning waiting for me though, because it was gardening day.  My aunt and I went to the warehouse nursery and picked up some beautiful flowers for my yard.

We got home and placed them in the spots that I would end up planting them and headed out to my little man Liam's baseball game.  I never knew how slow a little league baseball game could be.  WOW. Thank God for time limits that's all I have to say. The girls were more into me taking photos of them than they were of watching the game, which I was fine with. 

The girls had fun running around and I snapped a few quick photos of Liam playing.  How awesome it is to have a little sister that carries your glove, bat AND helmet after the game?! She is the sweetest.

We got back to our house around 1:30 and I knocked out some planting before the work event I had at 5.  

And as you can see, I will be watermarking my photos with @blogwiththebrowns - the new instagram handle. I loved having my name as my instagram handle, but with me posting photos of the kids a fair amount and the future of the blog, I figure it's best for everyone's safety! So, I hope you enjoy!

Oh and I will be spending my Monday at the beach for some much needed R&R!


  1. I'm totally jealous of your green thumb! Your garden looks so lovely already!

  2. I wish we had our own place so I can plant things. I bet I could b/c our landlord loves us but then the next issue would be time. I love all of your pictures. You are so good.


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