Monday, February 8, 2016

Life Lately - Pregnancy, Work and Countdowns

Wow, what a couple weeks it has been.  I'm sorry for the lack of updating and all the baby posts, but honestly thats all my life consists of these days.  Pregnancy and working.  And nesting, of course. Since the last time I blogged, we have been super busy.  Here's whats been going on...

Basketball and Cheering:
Between my varsity cheering team and D.J.'s JV basketball team, we have been to 10 basketball games.  Our school's varsity boys' team is killing it right now. They have taken down the #1 ranked team twice and had big wins against two highly seeded conference teams.  The basketball season runs through the end of the February and this is a big week for the cheerleaders.  We have been working all season for the competition this weekend and I am so excited for the team to take the mat.  We have had a few set backs with the rescheduled date due to the snow.  Our only senior, James, had to remove himself from the competition due to other commitments this weekend and one of our other girls sprained her elbow.  So we have been teaching a JV cheerleader the entire routine to take the sprained elbow spot and a sophomore boy who is the most amazing kid ever how to cheer.  It is very hard to teach a baseball/basketball player how to cheer.  It's more than just muscle, but he is doing GREAT! I will update you all next week with how the competition goes!

Baby boy is still growing and making me extremely large and in charge.  Since the last post I had my 31 week check up and heartbeat was a strong 145.  Belly is measuring right on track and I loved the doctor I saw.  She was very thorough and I felt very comfortable asking her questions.  Which was good, because I had lots of things to talk to her about.  Over the last two weeks I have been experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy I wasn't expecting.  Hard to catch my breath, light headedness, fast heart rate, abnormally high and low BP - almost like a blackout or fainting spell.  So after talking to my OB about it, who wasn't too concerned - she said all that is very common in your last trimester - I had the symptoms more frequently and enough to concern the OB when I called again.  Per their instructions, the next time it happened I was to report to the ER and they were going to set me up with a cardiologist just to check on my heart.  I spent all of the day Wednesday in the ER doing what seems like every test possible.  Blood work, EKG, CAT scan, and constant monitoring of my BP and heart rate - I had the workup.  This was only my second time ever going to the ER, so I was a little overwhelmed with all the "necessary" tests they needed to run.  I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.  Thankfully, everything came back good.  Blood work showed a little dehydration and anemic, but they were not too concerned since all pregnant people show signs of both.  After three hours at the ER, we headed out to our scheduled cardiologist appointment, where we saw an amazing doctor.  He was very confident without being arrogant and very thorough without being long-winded.  He explained everything to us in simple terms and was confident that what I am experience is called a vagal episode. They come on fast with all the symptoms I presented to him and he gave me some great tools to use to avoid and prevent them.  However, they will still continue to happen.  I just have to learn that when the symptoms start to happen, I need to take them seriously and get horizontal ASAP.   He also strongly advised no driving, so the hubs and mom have both been amazing at making sure I get everywhere I need to be.  What I've learned from this is that I need to take my time more.  Go slower.  Pace myself.  I can still do everything I want to do, I just need to go at a speed that is more capable for my body to keep up with! Other than that, nesting has been in full force.  Just trying to get the nursery together, clothes organized and all the hospital bags packed in case of an early delivery!

We also took maternity photos last weekend and have seen a few previews, but cannot WAIT to get the entire file back! Chelsea, our photographer was amazing.  She really knows how to capture a beautiful photo behind the lens!

Due to the crazy pregnancy stuff going on, last week at work was a little off.  Monday I went in late and Wednesday and Thursday I was off trying to get myself together.  I've just been trying to get everything for maternity leave in order.  At this point, who knows when I'll be out, but I know my team is amazing and I am confident leaving everything in their hands :)

With less than a month until D.J. leaves for Spring Training, we are embracing all the time we can together.  We have a packed next four weeks - basketball games, concerts, baby classes, and celebrating birthdays with family members.  This past weekend we took our last trip to my in-laws just the two of us.  It's crazy to think that next time we will be there, Harrison will be with us.  Lots more bags and baby stuff in the car! I'm looking forward to seeing what this season has in store for D.J. and cannot wait to see him play in front of his sweet baby boy.

That's a wrap on a crazy busy last two weeks! Thanks for sticking around even though I've been slacking!

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  1. You've been busy!!! Make sure you (try) to rest up sweet girl, your little man will be here soon! Love hearing his heart rate...makes me feel like Baby S is a boy too! We'll see come April :).


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