Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#baseballwifelife | Hannah and Cy Sneed

Taking a few minutes to play q&a with fellow baseball wife, Hannah from Life as a Baseball Bride. Be sure to head over to her .com and check out my answer! Enjoy!


Hey yall! I'm Hannah, a 20 something newlywed baseball wife. My husband Cy is a pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. He was drafted last year, so this is his first full season and my first season on the road with him! I grew up in Alaska and Cy grew up in Idaho, and we met at college in Dallas, so between baseball and visiting our families, we see a lot of this great country. 

Cayte and I "met" online before Cy got drafted and I'm so thankful we did! She has been such a great source of encouragement. Baseball "WAGs" - wives and girlfriends are really such an incredible group of women! 

ONE| If you don't travel for an away series, what is your favorite thing to do while Cy is on the road?

I've started getting into yoga! There is a great studio downtown and I've gone to a couple hot yoga classes, it's so relaxing! I also like to visit new coffee shops and go get a manicure... That's my weakness! 

TWO| What were your expectation going into this crazy life and how are they different?

One thing I wasn't prepared for was how boring it can get! The days can really get long when you're alone so much. Thankfully I have made some friends here, that has been so great. And getting a job is really helpful as well!

THREE| What's your favorite aspect about working at the ballpark?

Well one huge thing is the schedule flexibility! I am off when the team is gone, so I can go on road trips if I want, and they totally are totally standing with letting me off when Cy pitches. I also really love just getting to know new people! 

FOUR| There are lots of highs and lows in baseball. Is Cy the type of guy that likes to talk about his outings or keeps it all in? 

At the very beginning of our relationship I told Cy I wasn't going to put up with him being super moody if he has a bad outing.. Haha! He is really good about talking to me (knowing that I need him to verbally interact in order to feel connected.. #Girlprobz) but he doesn't dwell on it long! He usually talks to his dad on the phone to go over the game too. 

FIVE| What's your favorite place you have traveled to see Cy play? 

Last season Cy played in Helena, MT and when I visited they played a commuter series in Great Falls, MT so I made that trip twice and loved it! It was a beautiful 2 hour drive through the hills. So peaceful!!

SIX| Not many off days in this life, so how do you spend them when they come?!

This season we've had 3 off days, one of which was during spring training. In Phoenix, we went to an indoor speedway place, shopped a bit, and met up with one of Cy's college teammates for dinner. Here in Appleton, both times we have slept in and had a lazy morning then golfed all afternoon- which is funny since we are pretty awful golfers. We just like to relax on off days! 

SEVEN| What's the biggest difference between college and pro ball?

As far as ballpark experience goes, it's huge. In college, there's no in game entertainment. You sit and watch the game. But in pro ball, people pretty much come more for the entertainment than for the game itself. There's always promos, games, and music going on. It's really pretty cool! 

EIGHT| If you had to try and explain this lifestyle to someone that doesn't know anything baseball, how would you describe it? 

I usually say something along the lines of "my husband plays baseball for a living, and the team that he plays for is slowly moving him up through their developmental system. This means that we could be sent pretty much anywhere in the country with no notice! We live a gypsy life- and travel light!" 

NINE| What's your hidden talent?

You know how most people can roll their tongue into a "u" shape? I can roll mine into a "w" shape. Apparently it's a genetic thing. 

TEN| Favorite vacation spot you've never been to?

I would love to go to Venice! I'm fascinated by the history there. And the food ;) 


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