Monday, June 22, 2015

Carleigh and Conner's Wedding Weekend

After traveling through the night from Myrtle Beach on Friday, D.J. and I arrived in Charlottesville, VA for the special celebration of our dear friends, Conner and Carleigh.  

We hit the bed around 5 a.m. and got about six hours of sleep before the guys went to grab lunch at Jack Browns (only the best hamburger/french fry/sauce/fried oreo place in the world - if you are ever in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, or Nashville you have to try it!).  Jaci, Brad's girlfriend and I decided to stalk them and grab some lunch there as well.  

Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for the wedding.  They got married at King Family Vineyard in Crozet, VA which is about 25 minutes from our hotel.  The venue was STUNNING.  Food was delicious. Bridal party looked hot.  And seeing our friends was the best thing ever.  Enjoy the photos! 

This sweet girl stole the show big time! Sorry, Carleigh!

How beautiful is the bride?! And she couldn't look happier!

They are married! Officially Brown sisters forever!

The baseball group. So thankful that JMU brought us all together.

Jaci and Bradley. 

So thankful for our friendship and the memories we have and will continue to make.

Cork guestbook.

In memory of the loved ones they lost.

Beautiful cake that I cannot attest to the taste - I must have missed the eating part!

First dance - they just are so in love. 

So blessed to have a man that works hard but also knows the importance of friendship.

Carleigh didn't hold anything back!

The Brown Brothers.


Love. Love. Love.

And now that three baseball weddings are in the books, this hot couple may be next - who knows, she did catch the bouquet! 

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