Monday, March 30, 2015

Momument 10K

This weekend I crossed another 25 during 25 thing off my list - run a 10K! Friday after work I drove to Richmond to spend the night with Hannah before the big race in the morning. We indulged at Bakers Crust for dinner with mac and cheese appetizer, a big salad, and a delicious crepe with ice cream and all! We fell asleep pretty quick when we got back to Hannah's apartment to get a good nights sleep for the race!

The race started at 8:30 so we woke up around 6:45 to get ready and figure out a way to get down to the race start and find a parking spot.  We left around 7:25 and stayed in the car once we found a place to park.  It was sooooo cold, so we decided staying warm was the best decision.  We went outside around 8:30 when the first heat started and we finally crossed the starting line around 9 a.m. By that time we were ready to get running because of how cold it was.

The run was much easier that I was expecting it to be.  We ran 3.1 miles down one direction and turned around and ran back.  Monument Ave. is a beautiful street.  Lots of people were out cheering us on, offering beer, water, gatorade, and even BACON! I saw lots of hilarious signs and heard the great sounds of the bands that lined the streets.  There was over 10,000 runners in this race, so my only complaint (besides the cold) was how crowded it was.  There wasn't a time where I felt that it thinned out.  I was constantly passing people and being passed.  
I did some what train for this race, but I never ran more than 3.5 miles.  So when I got to around mile 4 and 5, I was surprised on how good my body was feeling! We finished the race in 1:09 and I was so proud of us! We never stopped running and I'm ready to do my next 10K!

After the photos, we went to Continental to enjoy this terribly bad for you delicious french toast breakfast! I hit the road back for Norfolk after breakfast and ended up taking a 4 hour nap before Dad made dinner.  We topped off the night going to see Kingman.  It was decent - I'm glad I only paid $3 to see the movie on base! 

Sunday I went to church at 8 with my aunt and uncle and relaxed till around noon.  Then I spent the afternoon with this cutie and her sister...

and flushed my tight muscles out at hot yoga at 4! 

Looking forward to this four day work week and finding out what team my hubby is going to be on at the end of the week!


  1. yay for your race! I hope to run one before the year is out. I am assuming you're vying for Akron since it is AA. If he ends up in Lynchburg, let me know. I am from there and most of my friends/family still live there and could totally point you in the direction of awesome stores/bars/restaurants. (I used to hate it and then it got way cooler in the past few years after I left. haha)

  2. You are so awesome!! I just started the "Couch to 5k" program last week so I am nowhere near your level but hey I'm trying! And you're making me drool over all of that food...

  3. I ran a 5K last year (gotta start somewhere, right?) and it was much easier than running by myself. I don't know what is it,but having a ton people running around me help me to keep going! The next step will be to run 10k...maybe this summer!

  4. You are my hero!! I need to get back into running more.

  5. Congrats on finishing your first 10k and running the entire thing! I've done a few 5ks, but just can't seem to bring myself to sign up for a 10k....maybe later this year :)


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