Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stryker's New Favorite Treats

Thanks to the lovely people at Chewy.com, Stryker was introduced to these delicious (I'm assuming because he's obsessed!) Orijen Original Dog Treats.  We aren't big on treats in our house, but these little babies are perfect for when he comes in from playing outside or after a walk to reward him for good behavior. I love the way the treats are packaged - resealable for freshness! 

Something that attracted me to these treats were the fresh ingredients listed on the packaging. Look at these delicious ingredients that we all eat every day, but may not think to check if our pets are eating the same thing! 

 Anyone else think these look like little cookie dough bites?!?! YUM

 When I gave the first treat to Stryker, he could barley stay still long enough for me to snap a photo! He was eyeing that treat so bad but I made him let me snap the photo!

 And you can clearly see how much he loved the treat from his tongue-licking expressions!

We can't wait to try more delicious treats from Chewy.com and order some fun toys for him to play with! 

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  1. Stryker is so handsome!! My Stella loves her Chewy treats... gotta spoil our pups!


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