Tuesday, July 7, 2015

25 During 25 | June Updates

It's crazy that we are already in July and halfway through by 25 During 25 Updates! I really enjoy keeping up with this project and crossing things off of my list.  
  1. Run a 10k - DONE! Boom.
  2. Do a blog give-a-way
  3. Write a guest post - YES!! Read more about Hannah and Cy Sneed right here! (Since this post, Cy and Hannah have started their next adventure in Florida at the High A level!)
  4. Shoot a gun
  5. Go on a spontaneous trip
  6. See sunsets in 10 different cities - Athens, GA from inside Sanford Stadium |  Lynchburg, VA from the skyboxes at City Stadium | Myrtle Beach, SC from TicketReturn.com Field | Salem, VA
  7. Do a girls weekend trip
  8. Have a house party
  9. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity - the other baseball ladies and I have been in touch with the Lynchburg H4H, so hopefully we will have this one checked off soon. 
  10. Buy a camera and learn how to use it
  11. Go to a new state - A while ago, I did this post and had Maryland crossed off, but I honestly can't tell you what I did in Maryland that I was quick to cross it off. But with our trip to the Frederick Keys stadium a couple weekends ago, I can confidently say I crossed this one off this month! If not, we are heading to Nevada in November for a wedding, so that will 100% be the new state of the year for me as well!
  12. Host a shower for someone  Loved being able to shower one of my best friends! Hope more showers happen in the future - wedding or baby!
  13. Run a 5k in every month of the year, at least 5 of them being a race - runs- Jan | Feb | Mar | April | May (I got a little behind on running, but was still active with other workouts.) June didn't happen either.  I've been focusing a lot more on strength training and working out with the other girls here that running has somewhat fell by the waist side for now.  That's going to chance in July! 
  14. Buy a new computer
  15. Write 5 thank you letters to companies that I use their products
  16. Cash in a whole milk jar of coins to savings - this will happen in Jan 2016 when the jar is nice and full!
  17. Tip 100% of my bill
  18. Become CPR certified
  19. Learn how to drive stick shift
  20. Go to an NFL game
  21. Do a 7-day smartphone detox 
  22. Mail care packages to each of my siblings
  23. Send my nana flowers out of the blue. 
  24. Take professional photographs with D.J. and Stryker
  25. Save $20 for every one of these that I complete - $140 in the milk jar with coins. 


  1. This is such a great list. My favourite might be to mail your nana some flowers. I'm sure that would mean the world to her! I might do that to one of my grandmas too :)

  2. you are doing so well at your goals. I did my101 in 1001 days but I have changed since I made it. Thinking about starting something different.


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