Monday, July 13, 2015

#baseballwifelife | One for the Record Books

This weekend was another one for the record books - literally! 
In front of all our family, D.J. had a career high in innings pitched and strike outs! I could not have been more proud of him and the way he has been playing lately.  Over the past three games, D.J has pitched 22 innings, allowed 14 hits, only walked 4 batters, and had 15 strikeouts!

Saturday's game was a nail-biter.  Tied in the bottom of the 10th, our friend and the team's catcher, Eric, was up to bat.  I think everyone in the stadium has their own "I called that" story, but here's mine.  I was standing with Maria, Eric's wife, talking about how they always have to make the games interesting at the end.  We were saying how it could all be over if Eric just hit a homerun.  And not 10 seconds later the crack of the bat sounded and that ball was GONE! 

It was so great having all our family there to see the game.  Hope the rest of the season continues to go this way for D.J. and the Hillcats!


  1. I love the i called it stories. He is doing great!!

  2. So exciting! Walk-offs are always so fun to see :) Congrats to DJ on his great game!!


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