Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Favorite Spots in Athens, GA

After a blog brainstorming session with my sister last week, we decided that since she is a self-proclaimed local in Athens, GA, she should share her favorite spots if you ever make it down that way. So please welcome my sister, Julie to the blog today! 

1. Sanford Stadium
To any dawg fan out there, this is probably the first thing that pops into their head. Us bulldawgs live for the fall days covered in red and black. I know that everyone says their school is the best, but I really believe there is nothing like being in Sanford jumping up and down, barking as if you alone can intimidate the other team, and singing Glory Glory to ole Georgia. It’s tradition. It’s pride. It’s hunkering down one last time. It’s Georgia Football.

2. Two Story Coffee
So unlike some college students, I did not fall into the coffee addiction. I was already on the path to addiction before I came here. It just increased! Two Story Coffee shop is one of my go-to study spots. So the idea behind Two Story is it’s a two story house (shocking right?!) that has the bottom floor as the socializing, talking allowed floor. The second floor however is the quite zone. Perfect for getting in the zone and getting your study on! Their coffee is so on point; my go to is a caramel latte. :)

3. Downtown Athens
I tried to think of one of my favorite places in downtown Athens and I just couldn’t. Downtown is such a unique place with tons of history and character. They have something for everyone from boutiques, amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and bars upon bars. 
Favorite boutique - Cheeky Peach
Favorite restaurant - High Wire
Favorite coffee shop - Walkers
Favorite bar - a tie between Boars Head and Magnolias, but there are tons (and I mean tons) to choose from! 

Also don’t forget to check out the Georgia Theater!! Tons of history here :) Downtown is such an awesome place to be from sunup to sundown. Its part of what makes UGA such a great place!

4. North Campus
From all of the greenery to the old UGA buildings, North campus is that picture perfect college campus. Walking through North Campus for class, taking a blanket out there and studying, Herty Field, the fountain, and ringing the bell are just some of the things we bulldawgs do. There is nothing like ringing that victory bell after we beat USC or Ga Tech! 

5. Milledge Avenue

Now this might sound funny that a street is one of my favorite places, but I have my reasons! My life here at Georgia started on Milledge. This is the street where the majority of the Sorority and Fraternity houses are found. At Georgia, recruitment for Greek life takes place in the fall before school even starts! Almost 2 years ago I was walking up and down Milledge (sweating like no other) going through recruitment! I am now a proud member of Gamma Phi Beta, aka the prettiest house on Milledge. I have walked, ran, and drove up and down Milledge thousands of time. That street is home. There is nothing like coming back after being in Virginia and driving down Milledge. It is such a sight to see all of the huge houses! It’s like no other.


  1. I always check out my house (Delta Zeta) on other campuses. So much fun! Greek Life is the way of life in the south.,

  2. I have always wanted to visit Athens! I hear so many good things. We would definitely have to check out two story coffee. :)


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