Thursday, January 14, 2016

25 During 25: One Year Later

Whoa! That year went fast.  For my 25th birthday, I wanted to do 25 different things ranging all across the board.  With today being the last day to complete the project, I wanted to give you all one final update.  Some I completed right away and some never got done.  Here's to another great year and celebrating 26 in style! 

  1. Run a 10k - DONE! 
  2. Do a blog give-a-way
  3. Write a guest post -
  4. Shoot a gun 
  5. Go on a spontaneous trip  
  6. See sunsets in 10 different cities - I didn't document all of these, but I know this was accomplished! 
  7. Do a girls weekend trip - this is potentially planned for July....we will see though when baby boy comes into our world!
  8. Have a house party 
  9. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanit
  10. Buy a camera and learn how to use it
  11. Go to a new state - Added Nevada, Maryland and Connecticut to the list this year! 
  12. Host a shower for someone  
  13. Run a 5k in every month of the year, at least 5 of them being a race - 5/12....
  14. Buy a new computer
  15. Write 5 thank you letters to companies that I use their products
  16. Cash in a whole milk jar of coins to savings 
  17. Tip 100% of my bill - DONE! Zinburger in Charlottesville, VA
  18. Become CPR certified
  19. Learn how to drive stick shift
  20. Go to an NFL game - I had the opportunity to go, but being 7 months pregnant in 40 degree weather at a football game didn't sound too fun. 
  21. Do a 7-day smartphone detox - didn't officially complete this. 
  22. Mail care packages to each of my siblings
  23. Send my nana flowers out of the blue. 
  24. Take professional photographs with D.J. and Stryker 
  25. Save $20 for every one of these that I complete 
I hope to try and get the ones that aren't crossed off finished throughout my 26th year! I really had a blast keeping up with this and attempting to get all these things done.  I'm hoping that I will be able to set monthly goals for myself over the next year as a way to keep me motivated! 

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  1. You did good, lady! I love monthly goals because it's easier for me to achieve them and actually do it!


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