Monday, February 27, 2017

Season F I V E

These past five months have flown by.  Yesterday morning, we dropped D.J. off at the airport to report to Arizona.  I cannot believe that we are starting his fifth full season as a professional baseball player.  The past few months that we have had him at home have been some of the best times as a family of three ( + Stryker).  D.J. has HC have been able to spend lots of quality time together making memories that will never be forgotten.

As I sit here and begin to transition back to only having two hands to help all the time, I think about the exciting things to come this season and how it will be different than years past. Last season, D.J. left when I was 36 weeks pregnant.  We then got to spend most of my maternity leave together traveling around the mid-atlantic/northeast watching D.J. play with the Akron Rubberducks.  Two seasons ago, we had some of the best times in baseball so far in Lynchburg, VA with some of the best people.  I was able to work remotely with Norfolk Collegiate all while being able to watch DJ play ball in the evenings!  That was by far my favorite summer - it was also the summer we got pregnant with Harrison and where I found my passion of teaching workout classes (thanks to the ladies for letting me find that through them!).

So this season will be a bit of an adjustment. No working remotely and no maternity leave.  We are planning to make the most of long weekends and close games when possible. But most of all, we are excited about daddy continuing to chase his dream.  This game is brutal - lots of hours put in on the field, on the bus, in the clubhouse - it takes a lot of dedication.  Decisions to leave your family.  Decision on when it's time to hang up the cleats.  We will continue to support D.J.'s dream as long as someone continues to have him on their team and as a long as he wants to play.  This lifestyle may no be "normal" to most, but it's what we know and what works for us.

Season F I V E - please be good to us.  Put D.J. in the best opportunities to shine.  Allow our friends and teammates to live out their dreams in whatever organization they are with.  Be nice to the wives and girlfriends that aren't able to make it for the season.  Here we go....

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