Sunday, February 5, 2017

10 Months || Harrison Cole

Happy 2017, Harrison! You have officially been around since 2015, so you have been through a New Year, but being on the outside is so much fun, huh?! January was such a fun month.  You finally seem to have gotten in the routine of sleeping after figuring out how to sit down once you pull yourself up. It really is crazy how fast you have grown and continue to learn new things every day. 

Weight and length: At your 9 month check up you weight exactly 20 pounds and were 30 inches long! Always staying at the top of the charts in length, but no baby rolls for you! Your head is still topping the charts at 46 cm (85%) which needs some more hair on it!

Diapers: 3's during the day and 4's at night. We have stayed true to Pampers and really love that they go on sale at Sam's club all the time!

Teeth: Staying strong at 7 teeth right now.  I know this is so weird, but it annoys me that you have an uneven number of teeth! It's hilarious that you have three on the bottom and the other one hasn't popped through yet.  I know you are still teething because you are chewing on your fingers all the time, but I don't see anything coming in soon.

Clothes: I'm slowly but surely packing up all your 9 month pants that are too short and your Christmas onesies that are a little out of season now.  I cant' resist the summer clothes in the store for you - they are just too precious and we need some warmer clothes for Arizona next month! You can still fit in 12 month clothes and I have started sneaking some 18 month jammies in the mix.

Sleep: I have to say, this month you really figured out the whole sleeping thing.  I know, I'm jinxing it.  It's inevitable though, it will change no matter what I say.  You go down anywhere between 8 and 9 on most nights and sleep right until 7 a.m.  Daddy thinks you wake up because you hear my alarm, but I don't know about all that. Once you started to pull yourself up on things, it took a week to figure out how to sit back down, but once you realized how to do that, sleep was your best friend.  You are taking two naps a day anywhere between one and two hours on most days.

Food: I can tell you are gradually starting to wean yourself from nursing.  It makes me a little sad to know that you are growing up but at the same time, I cannot believe our journey with breastfeeding has been as good as it has been.  We both have really loved it and I'm hoping I can keep it up the next two months for you! You typically nurse twice a day (morning and night), have two 5 oz. bottles during the day, and three meals.  Your meals are slowly starting to move towards real food all the time vs. puree baby food.  You still love everything you eat.  We had peanut butter for the first time this month and blueberries too!

Pacifier: You love them now.  It's not like you HAVE to have it, but it really makes you calm and puts you to sleep easier.

Other 10 Month Memories: 

First swim lessons!

You and daddy have been having great trips to the zoo on the nicer days in the winter.  You love seeing the animals and being outside.

We took our first trip to the aquarium! It was packed, but you still got to see the sharks which was pretty awesome.

We celebrated Mommy's first birthday as a mommy!

Your "trick box" now contains a few more tricks.  You can clap, wave, blow kisses, answer the questions "where's your belly" and "where's your head", and walk with us holding your hands!

At the beginning of the month, you experienced your first snow!

The winter cold finally hit our house and you got your first cold and runny nose.

You have started to pull up on everything! I swear by your first birthday you will be walking.

The entire house is your playroom.  You love opening the cabinet and exploring.  Your go-to spot is Stryker's food bowls....of course.

Mommy and daddy are getting ready to have their first sleepover without you! We are having a mommy/daddy night while you stay with Gigi and Grandpa before daddy leaves for Arizona again.

This is our last three weeks of having daddy home.  It's going to be a really sad day when he leaves. The month of March you will stay with Gigi and we will all prepare for you to start daycare in April.

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  1. Happy 10 months to your sweet Harrison


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