Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September Goals

September!!! WHAT?!?!?! How in the world are we already here.  September will bring daddy home, 6 months since little man was born and the most perfect weather ever.  I do love summer time, but at the end of August, I'm always ready for a good crisp air to roll into the area.

I really need to start holding myself more accountable, so I'm bringing back the monthly goals. I will be realistic with my expectations, but just getting it out there will help me get some things done I've been meaning to do!

By organizing my goals into these four categories, I think I will be able to manage them better than if I just made a list of goals.  The four most important ones to me are meal planning, doing something special for my parents, practice yoga twice, and only eating out once.  Meal planning is very important since I am starting Body Back again this week.  My parents do so much for us and they need to be thanked more than just from me.  My body hasn't been the same since HC was born.  I want to take the time to go to yoga to get everything back in alignment. And only eating out once is important to many reasons!

Thanks for being my accountability! I'll be sure to update at the end of the month!

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