Monday, August 29, 2016

5 Month || Harrison Cole

Baby Boy,

This month has been such a fun month of seeing you learn new things.  You know exactly where your toes are, who your mom and dad are and you have definitely found your thumb and know that it does! I am so excited to have your daddy home later this month and share all these special moments with him too.  You continue to inspire me to be the best mom I can and I am so blessed to have your to keep me going.

5 Month Memories

Weight and Length: According to my very official way of weighing myself then holding you and doing it again, you weight right around 18 pounds! Not exactly sure your length.  You are quite the squirmer and I cannot get you to stay still long enough to measure you! 

Diapers: You are at the point where I am trying to squeeze you in the 2's until we run out.  I have a feeling I will have to switch to the 3's before I run out of 2's, but that's ok.  You wear 3's at night already just to give us some extra room because I don't change you at night unless I smell the poop when I come in your room. 

Clothes: I just recently started to think you should go up to the 6-9 and 9 month onesies, so I tried it out the other fit in 9 month Carter onesies perfectly! I cannot believe it! I'm still putting you in 6 month onesies, shirts and shorts, but you can definitely wear 9 month onesies.  We actually don't even have any 9 month onesies that are short sleeve because cousin Bryce was in those during winter time! We are on the hunt for some 9 month onesies now :) I hate when you don't fit in my favorite outfits anymore.  It's so sad to see them go into the storage bin for BB2 one day! 

Sleep:  We have had an interesting and challenging month of sleep, little boy.  You are not the best napper during the day for Gigi or Melissa and then you seem to still be getting up anywhere between 3-5 times a night.  The one night you woke up 5 times I almost pulled me hair out.  It's hard because I know you don't need to eat at those times, but with Daddy still gone its hard to calm you without nursing you back to sleep.  We invested in the Merlin suit this month and you now sleep every night and some naps in that.  I love it.  You seem to love it too, but I think sometimes you still startle yourself.  It now has nicknames of the Michelin Man, Ralphie's Snow Suit, and straight jacket.  

We are also focusing more on a night time routine these days.  Being home by 7pm and getting you in the bath, reading a book and then nursing you and going to sleep.  Most of the time I put you in the crib you are already asleep.  

We tried to do the cry it out method a few times when you were hysterical, but I couldn't do that.  I went in and you had thrown up all over yourself and that just isn't my style.  I know you are comfort nursing and waking yourself up because of that, but it's hard to fix that without Daddy home.  Hopefully we can start working on that soon. 

Eating: You are getting three 5oz bottles during the day now. I am back working 8hr days, so I am pumping three times during the day (10am, 1pm and 4pm).  You are also starting to get some rice cereal around dinner/night time.  You seem to love it and so far it hasn't stopped you up! We are only giving you a tablespoon, per the instructions on the box, but we are going to up that amount soon.  You also got your first teething cracker this month! Those things are very misleading as they say they are "no mess". Yea right. During month 6, we are going to start introducing real foods! 

Pacifier: Oh Harrison.  Your love-hate relationship with the pacifier is ridiculous.  You want to chew/suck on something, but you cannot stand the pacifier.  You just want the boob.  UGH! So the pacifier is always a hit and miss type of thing. 

Other Memories:

We have had lots of play time with your little friends! You and Raleigh are exactly 8 weeks apart.

We love getting together with Russell (and his mama) to hang out and go on walks! Russell was born almost 7 weeks after you!

You have gotten so many new toys to sit in.  You can now jump in the Jonny Jumper and love the jumparoo we just got you.  All those fun toys stay at Gigi and Granpa Biebers house because we are over there a lot.  I imagine that when Daddy gets home we will move some back over to our house.
You also have this seat...

the bumbo...

and the exercauser!

It is now a requirement for you to wear a bib.  You are a drooling fool and will soak the outfit in 5 minutes if you don't have a bib on. 

We made two more trips during your 5th month - Raleigh, NC and Annapolis, MD! Raleigh was for Ian and Ellen Haynes' wedding and Annapolis was to see Daddy!

You went to your first concert on the outside of mama's belly! We saw Old Dominion at the oceanfront with Gigi! You slept pretty much the whole time!

We got the little cousins (and Reilly, your friend when you go to the Scott's house) Harry's Fairies t-shirts - thank to biggie Kendall.  They are the only ones that we allow to call you Harry.  Biebs and Uncle Bobby still try to call you that, but we always correct them. 

You still love the water.  I cannot wait to take you to the beach more, but this month it was so so hot! We did lots of pool days and just relaxed when we could! 

Big kid, pretty soon you will be sitting up on your own and starting to craw all around this house.  Please remind me to enjoy the mobile free moments while I can! Straight chillen in this picture watching daddy play baseball! 

The happy family of three (minus Stryker) after a delicious meal in Annapolis! We are so lucky to have dad close during the season and able to go see him when possible, but we are so ready for them to be finished with the season and for him to be home! 

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