Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Results

These past 6 weeks have been nothing but easy.  Lots of coordinating with my family for babysitters, conscious eating and tons of sweat falling off my body! But I am happy to say that I have completed my first session of Body Back post partum!

Fit4Mom is celebrating their 15 anniversary this year and I cannot begin to tell y'all how thankful for this group I am.  Under the Fit4Mom umbrella, they have four different workout classes - Stroller Strides (where you bring your kiddos), Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby (for pregnant mommas) and Body Back (kid-free).  I personally like the Body Back program the best.  It fits my schedule, allows me an hour to focus on myself and provides me with such an amazingly hard workout!

I started BB when I was getting in better shape for our wedding back in 2013.  Since then, I have continued to take classes until I was pregnant.  I was the token "non-mom".  After my first session back,  I have a whole new appreciation for all these moms that workout during these classes.  Making the time for yourself to get the workout in is so important and I am so thankful to be able to have this class and these friends to workout with!

OK, so the results....

I started this session when I was 15 weeks post partum, so a little over three months.  I was feeling weak and ready to get my body back the way it was pre-baby.  With reasonable expectations, I was so excited to work hard and hopefully see great results at the end of six weeks. So here's the result pictures.  Left is at the beginning of the session and the right picture is post session.

And the picture I am most proud of...

And the results in numbers were....

Weight: 157 to 153.00 (-4Lbs!!!!!)
Chest: 39 1⁄2 ” to 38 1/4 “ (-1 1⁄4”) - wasn't expecting to loose at all since I'm still BFing
Waist: 37 1⁄4 ” to 34 3⁄4 ” (-2 1⁄2 ”)
Hips: 40” to 39” (-1”)
Thigh: 24 1⁄2 ” to 22 1⁄4 “ (-2 1⁄4 “)

1/2 Mile Run: 4:09 to 3:06 (+1:03 FASTER)
Bicep Curls: 41 to 45 (9.8% increase)
Push Ups: 11 to 15 on toes (+4) STRONGER!
Full Roll Ups: 19 to 29 (+10!!!!)
Squats: 45 to 51 (+6 more!)
Plank: 1:06 to 1:38 (:32 longer)
Side Plank: :40 to :50 (:10 sec longer!)

The numbers I am most proud of are the waist decrease, the full roll up and the plank! The next session starts today and my goal is to keep working on the food journaling, get the hip number to drop and continue to get stronger!!!!

I am so proud of myself and I hope to continue to encourage other new mamas to get out and just simply get active!


  1. You go girl!!!! You are such an inspiration and not to mention looking great!!!!!


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