Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break at 37 Weeks

To say getting up for work this morning was hard is an understatement.  Having Spring Break during your 37th week of pregnancy is such a tease.  It was great to have the time at home nesting before baby boy turns our world upside down, but in the same breath, not being able to go to Arizona with D.J. for the first week of Spring Training was a major buzz kill.  So throughout the week, I had to find things to keep me occupied.  Here's what Spring Break looks like through the eyes (and iPhone camera) of a 37 week pregnant girl.

Friday night we celebrated D.J.'s last supper at a local pizza place with a party of 24 people.  IT was overwhelming to say the least.  Saturday we did some last minute work around the house and then hit up the Lantern Asia at Norfolk Botanical Gardens that night, followed by DQ! 

Sunday we spend the day relaxing and D.J. packed his things.  Monday morning D.J. left pretty early and I was back to the single life (until Harrison arrives!).  I got a massage that afternoon and just spent the day relaxing. 

Tuesday I had my 37 week appointment.
Wednesday I took a walk with my mom.  I pushed the stroller and she walked the dog.  We had great weather! 
Thursday I did nothing.  

Somewhere throughout the week I watched about 36295 episodes of Grey's Anatomy, watched all my TV shows that were recorded, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed the house, bleached the bathrooms, and dusted the entire house.  Needless to say the house is clean and will probably need one more cleaning before baby comes. 

Friday I was supposed to head to Richmond with a friend to visit a friend, but her daughter got sick and going that far was questionable in the first place.  So Kate and I decided to run some errands.  Nordstroms Rack, Target, Michaels, Motherhood Maternity and Anthropologie.  I'm tired from typing that, let alone walking all those stores.  It was fine though - we topped it off with Chick-fil-A fries and milkshakes! 

Saturday I went to my little cousins soccer game and snuggled up on the couch the rest of the day.  My sister got back from her Spring Break trip and we grabbed a late dinner.

Then Sunday I got excited about my 38 week check up today and decided to get the process moving by racking all these pine needles.  Don't worry - my mom came over and bagged it all up! My yard is pretty much ready for spring and new flowers! There is already new growth coming from the flowers that were planted a few years ago! 

Here's to what could be my last Monday until Harrison makes his big debut! 

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  1. You're so close girl!!! You're still being so active which is inspiring me and giving me hope! Things are definitely starting to get uncomfortable and hard!!!


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