Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lantern Asia

Our city has the honor of hosting Lantern Asia- Art by Day, Magic by Night -  for the next two months at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  This is the first time that Lantern Asia has been to the western hemisphere and what a cool opportunity to go see it in person! 

I had no idea what to expect.  I just knew that I wanted to go either before baby gets here or at some point once he can be pushed in a stroller.  I may have pushed it a little bit with going at 37 weeks pregnant, but it was so worth it.  D.J. was able to go as well, so it was even more special! 

All of the exhibits are made of a silky material lit from the inside by lights .

Each exhibit had a different history message that went along with it.

Mr. Dragon was definitely one of my favorites.

The Taj Mahal was HUGE! It was a little different because of the size and how big the silk pieces were that made this masterpiece.

One of the exhibits was made of these colorful vials of water that made the piece really stand out.

One of the first displays when you walk in is this beauty. It is made up of 1 million plates, cups and spoons!

If you are in the Norfolk area, or Virginia for that matter, you should definitely make a trip to Norfolk Botanical Gardens to see LAntern Asia!

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