Monday, October 19, 2015

It's A Girl!!

It's official - Baby B is a GIRL!

We decided that the best way to tell our family and closest friends would be to get everyone together for a party! We didn't want to go "all out", but wanted to make sure that everyone was together and found out at the same time - including us! 

So on Friday, October 9, DJ and I played ultrasound tech and tried to guess what the little jelly bean inside me was going to be.  And of course, we couldn't tell, but both had always suspected a girl from the beginning, so we were #teamgirl, if we had to guess (although we both would have been happy with either)!  

I was convinced it was a girl, but had that little part of me saying "we have a girls name already, we have tons of little cousins that are girls, we both think's going to be a boy".   

DJ and I hosted the get together at our house and did some minimal decorations.  I borrowed the chalkboard from work, the blue mason jars from a friend and grabbed some plates and napkins from the store.  I already had the ribbon we decorated the mason jars with for the silverware and the cake stand.  And I grabbed some flowers from Harris Teeter.

A sweet mom-friend that I workout with wanted to make us a cake and THIS is what she made us - HOW AMAZING?! If I wanted to get this from a bakery, it would at least been $100 and she was so sweet (literally) to make us this amazingly decorated and delicious cake.  The inside had a strip of pink icing, since she looked at the envelope from the doctor's office to help with the reveal.

We couldn't have asked for more of a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the windows were open and we were able to have an indoor/outdoor party!

D.J.'s family came down from Fredericksburg.  His one sister Amy and her family bought a puppy on the way down - how precious are Myla and pebbles?!

She is going to be the BEST big cousin EVER!

Bryce was having a ball, just walking everywhere and making his mama work!

Conner and Carleigh came down from Richmond for the night and were able to be there with us as we welcome this sweet babe into our lives.

So for the actual "reveal" I wanted to do something with confetti and "poppers".  I ordered these babies online and spray painted them gold.  Since one of my best friends Ryan wasn't able to make the party, she and her mom filled them with either pink or blue confetti! We all gathered outside for the big "pop" and see what color confetti was coming!

Grandma Gretchen, who decided she wants to be called GG (Grandma Gretchen) getting ready for the surprise!

The confetti went everywhere and had some people confused if it was a boy or a girl! Some of the confetti that filled the poppers was reflecting off the blue in the sky and people's jeans, so at first people were like boy! girl! TWINS! and since I knew what to look for, I obviously knew girl!

I think people thought DJ and I looked at the envelop first since we weren't surprised really, but honest we didn't! We just were SO confident it was going to be a girl, so we knew! If that confetti had been blue though, the faces in these pictures would be very very different!

Then since my sister couldn't be there with us, we FaceTimed her and used the cake as a surprise for her! It was perfect and she was crying - best auntie ever!

Overall, the party was a huge success and we cannot WAIT to start nursery planning, clothes buying and of course to share her name with you all TOMORROW! 


  1. Congratulations! The party looked so cute!

  2. ah I can't wait to find out the name! congrats cayte -- miss you!

  3. OMG that picture of Myla!!!!!!!! SO cute!!!! I'm SO happy for you guys and for all of the girl stuff that DJ is going to have to do...haha!

  4. Oh and totally stealing the photo of Myla and Bryce :-)


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