Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brynlee Rose

Thank goodness we are having a girl, because we had absolutely no boy names picked out! But luckily, we had been set on a girls name from the beginning, so without further ado....

Baby Brown officially has a name! Brynlee Rose Brown it is :)

I have always known that I wanted my baby to have a unique name, solely because the way I spell my name is always a great conversation starter and makes me different than any other Katie.  Yes, in case you didn't know, Cayte is pronounced Katie! Brynlee was always at the top of our list and we have been calling this jelly bean Brynlee before we even knew it was a girl.

My mom's maiden middle name was Rose, so we decided that was a perfect way to use a family name.  We love that Rose is very classic and timeless and it goes perfectly with Brynlee!

We absolutely love her name and cannot wait to get her first monogrammed outfit.  She is already so loved and spoiled! Let the nursery planning and shopping begin!


  1. such a great name -- I know she'll be adorable and you'll be great parents! TL&M <3

  2. Beautiful name! So sweet that you are using your mom's maiden name!! :)

  3. Congrats.......what a beautiful name

  4. Ahh!!! SO happy for you! Baby girls are seriously so much fun to buy for! I absolutely love, love, love her name! It's beautiful!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that name. It is beautiful. Congratulations.

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  9. Lovely!!!! EEEE sooooo happy for y'all and your baby GIRL! xx


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