Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Brown - Week 17

How ­­far along: 17 weeks

Due date: March 27, 2016

Baby Size: a pomegranate and about 5 inches long!

Weight gain: +5 pounds give or take. 

Maternity Clothes: I think winter is finally starting to set in and once the sun goes down it gets chillier.  D.J. surprised me yesterday with three new maternity shirts and they are perfect and classic for colder weather! My new boss is also 5 foot so she is able to share her pants with me and brought me two pairs of pants and a beautiful dress to borrow! Still throwing in non-maternity stuff, but obviously the pants are much more comfortable! 

Stretch Marks: nope.

Sleep: is not terrible, but not the best.  I am also coming down with a pretty bad cold, so sleep even if I wasn't baking Brynlee in there, I wouldn't be sleeping well!

Gender: sweet baby girl! See the gender reveal post here!

Movement: haven't officially felt a kick, but definitely feel something weird going on in there every now and then.  Maybe flutters, but who knows!

Best moment this week: finding out that baby brown is a girl and sharing that moment with all of our family and friends! 

Looking forward to: brainstorming ideas for Brynlee's nursery! 

Husband is: awesome.  Loving on baby B and getting excited about his boy's weekend on Friday.  More on that later this week and how I am having major FOMO.

Food cravings: nothing new...

Anything making you queasy or sick: pulled pork for sure.

Labor Signs: .........

Missing Most: nothing crazy this week.  We have a work event coming up on Friday and I would kill for a Bold Rock apple cider!

Symptoms: starting to have a harder time keeping up with the speed of my workouts and normal preggo stuff! 

Nursery: starting to pinterest some stuff! 

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Mood: Feeling great! A little sick this week and extremely busy at work, but could not be more thrilled to know that baby is officially a girl and Brynlee is growing and growing every week!

Workouts: Right now I've only been getting my morning workouts in at 5:45, but having volleyball practice after school is getting my moving, so thats counting for right now! 

Questions for mamas: Nursery must-haves and best places to shop for those! 


  1. DJ is seriously the best and I'm not at all bias. :-)

  2. I found our crib and changing table on Amazon - super affordable and the best part was getting free shipping! I highly suggest checking there first for your big ticket items. I'm just so excited for you and your baby GIRL!!!

  3. Girl when I had a cold it felt like the world was ending. SO miserable ! Hope you're feeling better. You look so great!! xx


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