Thursday, October 15, 2015

David and Julianna's Wedding Weekend

Last weekend D.J. and I made the trip up to Northern VA to see one of his JMU baseball teammates marry his dream girl.  The week leading up to the wedding I had found out that a dear friend I had known since I was 4 was tragically killed in a car accident.  I ended up having to choose between the wedding or the funeral.  Although it was an extremely difficult decision, going to the wedding was the best decision I could make.  It had me thinking a lot about life and the people you choose to put in your life, but maybe I will have to do another post on that soon. 

Julianna (extremely ironic that the friend that died name is Juliana as well!) and David had the most beautiful day for a wedding.  Perfect fall temps, amazing decorations and a stunning dress.  The wedding was so put together, but felt so laid back at the same time.  The navy with gold accents made the venue look beautiful without being overdone.  The wedding was in Warrenton, VA at the Airlie Center.  

I have to admit, I had to buy a maternity dress for this wedding.  Being outside I knew I would be freezing and I have no long sleeve dressed that fit!! 

The beautiful couple! Her bouquet was STUNNING! 

The JMU baseball boys and the beautiful bride.  I love this picture and I love the one I have from our wedding! 

I am so thankful for this guy right here.  Having him at weddings is so much fun.  Next wedding is coming up in Reno, NV for some of our Indians baseball friends! 

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