Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Baby Brown - 16 Weeks

How ­­far along: 16 weeks!

Due date: 3.27.16

Baby Size: dill pickle. 4-5 inches!

Weight gain: So, I did go to the doctors, but I am too short to see the numbers on the scale!!! It's digital, so all I see is the blank screen.... #shortpeopleprobs.  So according to the scale at home it looks like I've gained 4-5 pounds give or take.

Maternity Clothes: using the BellaBand with pants and still trying to get away with dresses while the warmer weather lasts!

Stretch Marks: nope.

Sleep: getting to sleep around 9 or so every day and sleeping much better. 

Gender: so our doctors appointment on Friday went awesome.  They were running late, so we didn't get to see babe too long, but long enough for the doctor to find the gender!!!! We decided to have her put the gender and picture in an envelope and seal it shut.  On Saturday our families are coming together to find out the sex at the same time.  However, if this babe is a boy I will be COMPLETELY shocked.  I'm not sure if its a mothers intuition or just "signs" but I guess next week we will all know!

Name: We will announce the babes name next week (if it's a girl!) but if it's a boy, we have no name yet! 

Movement: thinking it's going to be a while because of this anterior placenta thing going on, but whatevs, the doctor said babe was active in there! 

Best moment this week: seeing the babe at the doctors office and seeing good friends at the wedding this past weekend. 

Looking forward to: SATURDAY to find out if this mama will be getting bows or more baseballs!

Husband is: dealing with my mood swings, hormones, and non-touching policy extremely well.  He is seriously the best. <3

Food cravings: apple pie, pop-tarts, and I think thats about it...

Anything making you queasy or sick: definitely pulled pork and I think I am starting to have an aversion to chicken.

Labor Signs: .........

Missing Most: hot yoga & laying on my stomach

Symptoms: still feeling lower back pain (any good heating pad recommendations?) and I think I experienced my first heart burn ever yesterday?! Still not sure I know how to explain that, but I think that's what it was! 

Nursery: Not thinking of anything for nursery until we find out the gender!

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Mood: I saw some mood swings this week, but I've had a lot going on at work, to the loss of a longtime friend and lots of random things to do in the next coming weeks, but overall still loving this pregnancy!!

Workouts: Right now I've only been getting my morning workouts in at 5:45, but having volleyball practice after school is getting my moving, so thats counting for right now! 

Questions for mamas: I've been having a hard time getting protein in my system.  Any suggestions?!


  1. SATURDAY!!! And my biggest aversion has been chicken! unless it's fried...which just doesn't need to happen a lot. haha!! ahhh so excited for you!!!

  2. You already found out the gender that's so exciting!!! I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until our 20wk appt! Also POPTARTS YAS GIRL

  3. I've had an aversion to chicken my entire pregnancy. Maybe it's a baby girl thing?! I guess we'll find out on SATURDAY! I can't wait to hear the news!!


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