Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Workout Essentials

I've never been the girl that gets done up to go to the gym.  I'm more of a natural, baggy t-shirt, norts
kinda girl.  But since it's been colder and I have been doing more hot yoga, workout pants have become more of my go-to for the gym.  I know a lot of you are into fitness and I wanted to share with you some of my workout essentials. 

 There's something about having a nice pair of pants and cute tank to wear at yoga that makes a girl feel sexy while working out.  Since investing in a pair of lululemon pants, I truly see the value and the difference than a simple cotton yoga pant.  The pants are better with the sweat and make running long distances more bearable on the inside of the thighs, if you have soccer player legs like me!

So for me, I would suggest splurging on a nice pair of pants and save money on the sports bras.  My go-to sports bra, and the only type I have in my drawer, is the C9 Seamless sports bra from Target. The are $16.99 and can get them on sale for $13.99 if you look at the right time. They are perfect for me and I love the way they fit my body.

These Zella pants are calling my name. I also love a good pair of Lululemon pants.  As I am training for my 10K in March, I have been wearing pants every time I go for a long run.  The just feel better on my legs.  I typically wear an old t-shirt, but when I like to get all fancy and feel good, I love a nice sleek tank like this one. And water is essential, so a nice, durable water bottle is key! 

What are some of your essentials you have to have? Fill me in on the cool stuff I am missing in my workout! 


  1. Love this! I've always been a norts with an XL tshirt workout girl. But recently, I discovered Fabletics and love it! Kind of like Stitch Fix for workout clothes... I feel better when I workout in cute clothes ha!

  2. I go back and forth when I work out. Sometimes I want to be all cute then sometimes I want to look and just be gross. I guess if I feel gross then I think that I had a good workout.


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