Monday, February 23, 2015

Home Tour: Guest Room

Welcome to the guest room! When we moved into our home, we knew that we wanted at least one guest room.  With D.J's family coming in town often and our friends that visit from out of town it was necessary.  Thanks to a sweet family I babysit for, we received the bed and two tables for a babysitting trade :) They also threw in the quilt and bed skirt! Without their help, this room would not look as good as it does today.  We decided to push the two tall tables together to use as a mini dresser.

We left them the wifi password and some delicious smelling candles. 

I found these fun pillows at TJ Maxx and they add the perfect touch to this room.

The nightside table is something I would like to change sometime soon.  It's a little wobbly and not exactly what I pictured for this room, but it does the job for now! 

 Things that still need to be done in this room are curtains, rug, and some wall art. However, these panels make it hard to hang stuff on the wall.  Any suggestions on hanging pictures/art on wood panel walls is appreciated! 


  1. Love it, Cayte! The wifi password idea is so great. Have you tried those command strips with hooks for hanging on your walls??

  2. Love the wifi password idea! Perfect for a guest room. So awesome that you were able to get some great furniture pieces for a babysitting trade :)


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