Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Off Season #3 Complete

Wow, what an off season it's been. It still amazes me that this is now our third off season and we are going into the third full season of minor league baseball.  Lots has happened this off season - from weddings to trips to everything in between - it's been busy, but it's been GREAT!

Since September, the Indians have switched High A Affiliates from the Carolina Mudcats to the Lynchburg Hillcats.  So if D.J. starts at the same level he finished with last season, he will be in Lynchburg, VA. Yes - it would be cool to be in the same state as my husband, but quite frankly, I would much prefer Raleigh.  It's closer and the route you take is much simpler to get to Raleigh than it is to Lynchburg.  Oh well - it is what it is! If he starts on the next level up, he will play in Akron, OH and the closest team he will travel to during the season is in Richmond, VA. We are praying for Akron, but will be thankful to be with Lynchburg as well!

This offseaon was jam packed.  Every weekend it seemed like we had some type of event going on.
Although busy, we managed to get a lot of things checked off the honey-do long term list.  We finished the guest room and are halfway thru with the quarter round project on the house. We both stayed extremely busy with coaching JV Basketball and the Varsity Cheering squad. Now that both of those are finished, I am excited for what this season has to offer!

Spring training officially starts on March 9, but D.J. and I are heading out to AZ for the week on Saturday to enjoy some warm weather and for him to prepare for the season. Baseball season brings lots of exciting things like warmer weather, boys in uniform, and amazing baseball friends that I cannot wait to reconnect with this season!

Here's to the start of Spring Training and the next seven months of baseball! Bring it on!


  1. It must be hard to have your husband away! But I'm glad you're excited about the beginning of the season!

  2. Good Luck!!! We are hoping for Akron too so we can come visit.


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