Monday, January 12, 2015


This weekend was pretty uneventful, but we got a good amount done around the house.  Friday night after work D.J. and I went to our friends house out at the beach for dinner.  It was fun relaxing, drinking some vino, and catching up with them.  We got home pretty late so we hit the bed when we got home.  
Saturday morning I slept in until whenever I wanted to and it felt so good!! Doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted too! I ended up getting out of bed around 10 and started taking
down the Christmas decorations.  Depressing.  The house looks so boring, but at least everything is back in place.  The bins still need to be put up in the attic, but we also still need to take down the outside lights.  Yes- we are those people who still have their lights up.  I told D that we need to at least turn them off so they don't come on at 5pm every day. 
I went to hot yoga at 12 and it was good, but it wasn't that hot in there... the heat was broken!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN AT HOT YOGA!?
D.J. was helping with a third grade baseball clinic with Norfolk Collegiate kids so I went and watched as he taught the little kids the basics.  I guess this is the year where they start kid pitch so they were learning the mechanics of pitching and what not. 
Saturday night we hit up Waterman's at the beach for Virginia Beach Restaurant Week.  I had a delicious cup of she crab soup, crabcakes, and a yummy dessert to top it all off.  We went to a high school basketball game after to do some scouting for the Norfolk Collegiate vs. Cape Henry game coming up later in the month.  Cape Henry has one of the top 100 prospects in the nation that ha signed with Virginia Tech for next year. 

Sunday we stayed in bed for a while in the morning before getting up to do some cleaning.  The kitchen and bathroom really needed some elbow grease (which I didn't have).  We grabbed TASTE for lunch and went out to Virginia Beach for D to help another group of kids with some baseball lessons.  They were having practice already, so D just helped out while the other coaches were helping with catching and hitting.  This place we went though was one of a kind.  It was an indoor batting cage that this dude had attached to his house with a projector TV on the wall, carpeted, and heated!! It was amazing.

We finished the weekend off with cards and dinner at my parents house and a few episodes of Full House on Nick @ Nite! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Sorry the heat went out in hot yoga. I've never tried hot yoga, as I'm afraid to try it! Silly, I know :-P


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