Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brown Family Photos

Over the Christmas break we had some family photos done with D's side of the family.  They all turned out so great, thanks to Gana Locker Photography! We took a whole bunch of photos, but I personally love the ones of the whole gang together.  When we were taking the photos, it was a little crazy and hectic, but you would have never know based off of how great they turned out.

It was hard to get Stryker to look at the camera.  Whenever you called his name, he started running toward the camera! 

All the kids and their spouses and their kids! 

This is D.J.'s oldest sister, Amy and her husband Brian.  They gave us a little niece named Myla who will turn two in June and Bryce who is 5 months old.  

D.J.'s middle sister is Stef and her husband's name is James.  Their handsome son, Jayden will turn 4 in June! 

Then D.J. came along 8 years later and it's just us and the pup!

 The original crew!

I mean, it can't get much cuter than this can it y'all?!?!?

Thanks again to Gana Locker Photography for these amazing pictures! 

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