Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend in pictures

This weekend we had a blast celebrating Ashton and Josh's wedding outside of Richmond, VA at the Mill at Fine Creek (more on that wedding later this week!) But for now, here is our weekend in pictures (iPhone pictures that is.... sorry!)


Friday night when we go there, DJ went to Jakes pre-bachelor party bonfire at Brads house.  We are heading back up to Richmond in a few weekends for his wedding! While Conner, Carleigh and I hit up the Mexican restaurant for some awesome guac and strawberry daiquiri! Saturday morning we got some breakfast and the other Brown's got their hair cut and then we decided to go explore in downtown Richmond and we ended up at the Hollywood Cemetary.  Pretty cool place to stop by in Richmond if you are downtown.  One of the biggest, prettiest, and most historic places.


5th president of the United States, James Monroe is buried in this beautiful palace. 


And 10th president John Tyler is buried here.


Then we got hungry so we went to Carytown Burgers and Fries! I had chicken tenders, but they were just as good as their crazy big burgers!
 We headed back to their house so DJ and I could get ready for the night :) Beautiful wedding celebration of Ashton and Josh!


And then the weekend ended at Costco with Minnie and Mickey! 

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