Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DIY: Home is where Baseball Sends Us Part 2

Last week I showed y'all the preview of a project I was working on, and here is the final product!
Thanks to my awesome father-in-law, I had the wood pre-made for me by him and the eye hooks installed in the wood.  

First things first- I had to go to the store and get some supplies.  I knew I was going to spray paint the wood and paint pen the letters so I knew what I needed.  The person that helped me at The Home Depot was by far the best customer service experience I have ever experienced.  Lee was so helpful and stuck by my side the whole time.  He even helped me get the stuff I needed for the next project I am going to work on!
So after getting the spray paint, paint pens, and a few other items that I will tell you about later, I was ready to start! 

Next thing I did was tape off the metal hooks because I didn't want them to get spray painted.  I just used some painters tape, but any tape would work.

I knew going into this project that if I spray painted them, it would go much faster, but if I do it again, I would make sure I spray painted in the garage.  When I left it out to dry, I could tell some dust got in it so it's a little grainy.  Lesson learned.

I ended up doing two-ish coats of spray paint.  While I was doing this, I found a few fonts that I like on the computer and did a mock up of the design so I had the right spacing. 

And after about and hour of doing the writing, I had the finished product!

I wanted to put the miles from Norfolk to the team's home stadium so we will remember how far we were from each other during these times!

I ended up putting the sign on the wall right when you walk in the front door.  It's a perfect location and there is plenty of room to add on as we get moved around!  Another things I learned making this one is that the eye hooks need to be even or else the "location" boards will not fall evenly down when placed against the wall.  This is something that probably only I would notice though!

The size of the top board is 17 in x 9 in and the "location" board are 12 in x 3.5 in.  For all of my baseball ladies out there, or any other sports for that matter (or military!!) I am taking custom orders if you are interested! Please email me at merrymce [at] gmail [dot] com. You can customize the color of the wood, certain colors of the lettering, and I don't mind adding or removing things that you see or don't see! 

I look forward to hearing from you all about making your family something special! This would make a great Father's Day gift :)! Afraid that you may have too many locations for one of these?! Don't worry we can figure out a way to make it work!

Have a good Tuesday y'all!


  1. Such a cute idea! I've thought of making one for all of our Army duty stations.:) Great job!

    1. Thanks lady! Let me know if you want to order one! :)

  2. Yours turned out great!! I am finishing up my Norfolk board today on mine!


  3. Love this idea! And it turned out so cute!

    Elizabeth Lynn
    Army Ever After

  4. WOW, Girl! This is AWSOME!!!
    I love the idea & it's such a great tutorial!
    I can think of million different ways to incorporate it my home!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this!!! Turned out wonderful

  6. Such a cute project!


  7. Blog stalking you from Jessa Olsen :) This is an adorable project! I love it! My husband plays Arena Football and I am really glad his away games only last 3 days, I'm not sure I could be away all season like you. If he did change teams though, I would so do a sign like this.



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