Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was great.  Although it didn't entail baseball, this weekend was relaxing, fun-filled, and full of sunshine!
After work Friday, my mom, dad, and sister went to the Varsity Girls Soccer game as they played in the conference tournament title game.  As an alumnus that played girls soccer, it was pretty cool to see them play for the title. Something we never had a chance to do! They ended up loosing the game but it was great to see them play.  We went to Chipotle for dinner and topped the night off with some Skinny Dip (frozen yogurt for the non-locals). 

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for the Girls On the Run 5K in Downtown Norfolk! This was the first time I didn't have a runny buddy because I was running to win.  My dad and I have been going on and on about who would win a 5K and this was the time to prove it! I will be the first to say that I was shocked on how well he did! I ran my best race I have run yet and he was right by my side majority of the race.  When we got to the final turn of the course I didn't think I had the final sprint in me so I told him to push as hard as he could.  But when he said "this is for bragging right!" I kicked it into over drive and pushed as hard as I could the last .2 miles.  I ended up finishing with a time of 29:19 and dad finished at 29:33!!! Not a blow out at all!! I was very surprised at how well I did, but more so I was impressed by how awesome my dad did! YOU ROCK DAD :)

The rest of the day was super busy.  I went straight to babysit for the Waidelich's and was there to help out with the kids as they hosted a yard sale.  They are heading across the world to Sugi, Japan!! I hope during their tour there I will have a chance to visit them.  Anyways, the big kids had a birthday party to attend and baby D was down for a nap so I was helping with clean up.  When I realized that no one had bought their Pottery Barn crib, my mind started to turn.  NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT.  I did however, buy the crib.  Yep,  I scored such a good deal that I bought a crib.  How can you pass up such a good deal!?! I'm pretty sure everyone I told has looked at me like "ummmm are you trying to tell me something?!" but nope, just couldn't say no to a good deal.  Even if I end up not liking it when the time comes to need it, I have something to use! And if Mrs. Waidelich used it, I'm sure it's probably perfect.  Needless to say the yard sale was a success for me.  And to top it off, instead of paying me, they are going to give me their extra queen bed for the guest room!

After I left, I went home and took a quick shower before I went to the next babysitting job! It was super fun to watch Erin's boys.  And that is what they are- TRUE BOYS THRU AND THRU!! Dressed like spider man, running around the house, and being risky it reminded me of my brother when he was that age! Always taking chances.

Saturday night I took it easy and watched The Delivery Man at my parents.  I came home and took some allergy pills.  I guess I was only supposed to take one, but I took two.  I didn't figure out I was wrong till I woke up the next day at 11 am!!! I never sleep that late! It was great though, I needed that catch up.

Sunday we celebrated the most awesome mom in the world! We had lunch at my aunts house with everyone and then caught some rays by the pool and gave Stryker a bath! Stinken dog got all dirty about an hour later though so it doesn't even matter.

Anyways, the weekend was eventful and great! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

Tomorrow I will show y'all the final product of my "Home is Where Baseball Sends Us"!


  1. Congrats on your 5k time, your dad sounds awesome! When I worked at a daycare a couple of years ago they were throwing away brand new beds because they got new ones. I couldn't just stand there are watch them throw away perfectly good beds so I took home two and stored them in the attic LOL. My boyfriend and parents were a little confused but I reassured them I wasn't, so I totally understand you getting that PB one!!

  2. I may or may not be giggling at the idea of a freshly cleaned dog immediately going and getting dirty after a bath. never fails ;)

  3. You and your dad did awesome on your 5k! I ran one this weekend too and finished in 34:36, so you did amazing!!


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