Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Carolina Weekend

I consider this weekend a success for many reasons.  One- I made it down to Carolina with Stryker without getting a flat tire (HALLELUIAH!) Two- I got to see two of the roomies pitch. Three- I met new friends!  Friday night was a double header so Ryan Merritt pitched first...

...and Michael Peoples pitches second.  Ashley, his girlfriend is visiting for a few weeks so I finally got to meet her.  It's so awesome having another girl around in the house when the boy's leave for the game. 

 After the game on Friday we went back to the apartments and I went to sleep.  My allergies were in serious overdrive so I took a Benadryl and didn't wake up till 11:30 the next morning! We had all hopes of going to the mall, but opted for Target and the pool instead.  Saturday I left Stryker at the apartment, so I went to the game later with P.J. and her little boy Kingston.  P.J. is D.J.'s pitching coach's girlfriend.  It worked out perfect since Kingston was napping and we got to the game around the 4th inning.  The game ended around 8:30 so we went back to the apartment, ordered pizza, and played cards.  Life of a baseball player right?!

Sunday I packed up the car and had everything ready to go when the game ended.  Mailey, Elivs Arajo's wife is here for the next two months from Venezuela. 

I have realized that traveling to another country where they don't speak English could really be a challenge.  Mailey doesn't speak a bit of English, so communicating is pretty hard.  And for anyone that knows me, my lips don't stop moving! What can I say, a girls gotta talk right!? Anyways, I have been racking my memory for all that Spanish I learned in high school and surprisingly I remember a lot more than I thought I would.  She is catching on really quick and I think by the end of the season, she will have it down pretty well! At least the words she needs to know!

Then before I hit the road, we did a little family photo shoot :) We love our pup and I am so glad I get to bring Strkyer down to see his daddy!

Any suggestions on good restraunts in Raleigh?! I am trying to think of a yummy place for us to go during Memorial Day Weekend! 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Love this! We went to two Corpus Christi Hooks games this weekend, so I definitely thought of you!


  2. Cowfish is an awesome restaurant in Raleigh :)


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