Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday: MiLB Myths

After reading this article, I felt the need to share with you all some myths about the minor league baseball lifestyle.  This article has been flying around my social media because of all the baseball people I am friends with, but I wanted to share this with you ladies to give you more of a perspective into this life!

one.  high salaries
Yea right.  I can tell you first hand that the salaries are nothing.  I don't think you can even consider it a salary because they don't get paid all year.  After taxes, insurance, and clubhouse fees are taken out, its enough to cover food and the rent for the apartment.  

two. nice cars
Ha. Some of the minor league guys ride in a van every day to the field.  And if they actually do have a car, it cost them so much to ship it there that it wasn't worth it.  It's probably sitting in the sun in Arizona or Florida.

three. eat great meals every day
That never happens.  When I am not there, D.J. eats fast food and PBJ like it's his job.  And when I am there, I either eat at the field or after at a drive thru.  Unless its an off day, you can probably bet we won't get to sit down together and eat.

four. your job isn't really a job
People don't understand that baseball is just like any other job.  You can be fired, you can be promoted, you have projects, you have to live up to an expectation.  Just because these guys are "living the dream" by playing baseball, doesn't mean life is easy.  They still have to find a way to provide for their families.

five. beautiful houses
If you are lucky enough to own a house, you probably don't get to see it much since you are away for 7 months out of the year.  Most of these guys are trying to find a place to stay during the season just to have a place to rest their head.  Couches, floors, sleeping bags, air mattresses... you name it, they've tried it.

I hope you all read the article because it give a much better reality check when looking at the lifestyle of a minor league baseball player! 

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  1. I read this article last night and thought it did a really good job at explaining what Minor League life is really like. A lot of people have very different pictures of Minor League baseball than the reality of it! Thanks for sharing this.


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