Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Fever. 5 on Friday!

Last week when I was in Arizona, all I could hope for was that when I got back to Virginia that it would be spring for good! So far Virginia has not lived up to my expectations with weather but I am hoping with the first day of spring next week that something will happen soon! So my 5 on Friday today is all about things I am looking forward to this spring!


one. yard work
I know this may seem weird, but I am really excited to start doing yard work outside again.  I am excited for my grass to start getting green and the trees to get leaves! Although I hate the pollen side effects, it will be ok! This will be our first spring in the house and I am looking forward to getting some flower planted, some fresh mulch and making the backyard somewhere that I want to go outside and hang out at. 

two. spring mantles
Lots of different ideas for this one.  I recently picked up a Happy Easter banner from Target and I am planning on building off of that for the rest of the mantle.  I love the way the tulips look as well as the peonies! This beautiful mantle is from Stacey at Not Just A Housewife.  I love the yellow napkin that folds off.  I obviously wouldn't have the chalkboard since our TV is about our mantle!

Spring Mantle ideas for Blog with the Browns

three. baseball games
With the season opener right around the corner, I am so excited for this season to start.  I plan to make many trips wherever D.J. is to see him play.  Lots of questions still need to be answered before April 3, but I know that there is a bigger plan and I cannot wait to find out what it is! 

four. outside projects
I have a few different things going on in my head for outside projects! My dad has an old pallet at their house that I want to turn into this.. I haven't decided where I would put it yet, but this is happening!

American Flag Pallet Art for Blog with the Browns

On Wednesday morning when I was dropping Stryker off at my parents, I saw our neighbor throwing away their bench.  It needs a little work, but I think I can fix this baby up to look perfect either outside or in the entryway of the house!

After going through Not Just a Housewife blog, I found so many more ideas that I would LOVE to do in our yard.  This may not be the most realistic for our yard, but it would be so cute!

Hanging mason jars with flowers in them

five. new blog design
I know I haven't had this one for too long, but I think I need to jazz up this blog.  If I really want it to grow and get more followers, it's time for an upgrade! Any blog designer suggestions would be appreciated!

Have a good weekend y'all!


  1. I love that spring mantle! We don't have one anymore, but I definitely still want to do something to the top of our bookshelf or somewhere else in our home. It's so cheerful :)

  2. all of these projects are inspiring me! and I am loving that mantle!


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