Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

First weekend without D.J. was actually pretty boring.  I went home early sick on Friday from work and took about a 4 hour nap right when I got home.  Probably just the climate change from pretty much summer in Arizona back to winter in Virginia. Ugh! When is it going to be spring?! 
Saturday we went out to watch Liam play soccer and decided it was a smart idea to take all three dogs in the smallest truck possible.  The place they played at actually didn't allow dogs so we had to watch from the side.. but the kids loved all the dogs and Stryker was good!

I stayed the night at my parents house since we went to Surf Rider and I had a crab cake.  Lately I have been getting allergic reactions to crab and I didn't want to be home alone if that happened again.  We watched The Counselor and it was terrible.  I couldn't follow anything that was going on and it was just a bad movie.  I am glad I didn't waste money to see that in theaters.  I also did some Target shopping and scooped up these cute wedges! Even though its 35 degrees out and I can't even think about wearing them!

Sunday was pretty low key.  Woke up, worked out, and had dinner with my dad! This sweet pup really makes all the days better when D.J. is gone! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week and Happy St. Patricks Day!


  1. LOVE those Target wedges!! SO cute. Xx.

  2. Love those wedges! They're so cute :) I can't wait for it to actually (and consistently) feel like spring!


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